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Open Access Reader is a project to systematically ensure that all significant open access research is cited in Wikipedia.

There's lots of great research being published in good quality open access journals that isn't cited in Wikipedia. It's peer reviewed, so it should count as a reliable source. It's available for anyone to read and probably comes with pretty decent metadata too. Can we set up a process to make it super convenient for editors to find and cite these papers?


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Project Overview[edit]

We break down this endeavour into four parts:

I: Sourcing Papers[edit]

There exist projects to provide API access to the aggregation of all open access repositories, such as CORE. It makes sense to use one of these instead of re-inventing the wheel, but which should we use?

II: Prioritising Significance[edit]

There are millions of papers published every year. What's the best way to decide which papers editors should tackle first?

III: Identifying, Recruiting and Alerting Editors[edit]

It's likely that OA papers come with metadata. How can we use this to find editors that are likely to take an interest?

IV: Streamlining Editor Workflow[edit]

How can we make this convenient for editors to use?

Project Management[edit]


Milestones to MVP:

  1. Identify best Open Access Aggregator
  2. Identify and assess available open metrics to create specification for significance filter.
  3. Produce a system that generates an up-to-date list of most significant papers.
  4. Assess quality of topic metadata to create specification for paper-to-keyword filter.
  5. Build and demonstrate paper-to-keyword filter.
  6. Configure automated report of most significant papers for a particular keyword
  7. Create feedback process
  8. Introduce the report to sample communities via Wikiprojects, lists.

The Team[edit]

Perhaps you'd like to volunteer?

Success Metrics[edit]

How can we measure the success of this project?


The OAR team is creating an application for an IEG grant.


If you think this is a cool idea, please put your name below!