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For bot status on Meta-Wiki, see the bot policy and request page.
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This page hosts requests for a bot flag on a Wikimedia wiki with no bureaucrats. Please read the instructions before posting a request. Do NOT post your request here until you get community approval (ie, don't list your bot here if you haven't consulted the local wiki for at least a week, or whatever local policies dictate).

Previous requests are archived.

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Before posting here[edit]

If there is a bureaucrat on the local wiki, please ask them to fulfill your request using Special:UserRights on the relevant wiki. Before requesting access here, make sure to obtain consensus on the local wiki if there is a community (see the index of request pages). If there is no local community, request on this page with a note to that effect. You can ask local bot flag directly here for some wikis in some cases (see automatic approval).

Remember to read the local project's bot policy. This should be linked from the local bot request page; a few are listed below. DO NOT post your request here without having fulfilled the local policies first, and having waited for at least a week to gauge community opinion.

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Making a request[edit]

  1. Place the following code at the bottom of the "Bot status requests" section below:
    === Bot name@xxproject ===
     |status    = <!--don't change this line-->
     |domain    = 
     |user name = 
    (your remarks) ~~~~

    You can use following form when applying global bot status:

    === Global bot status for <yourbotname> ===
     |status    = <!--don't change this line-->
     |domain    = global<!--don't change this line-->
     |user name = 
    (your remarks) ~~~~
  2. Fill in the values:
    • 'domain': the wiki's URL domain (like "ex.wikipedia" or "meta.wikimedia").
    • 'user name': the bot's user name (like "ExampleBot"). Leave it blank if you're requesting access for multiple bots.
    • 'discussion': a link to the local vote or discussion about the bot (for example, "[[ex:Wikipedia:Bots#ExampleBot]]"). Notes: If there is no local vote or discussion, please say so below the template and explain why not. If there's no community, implement the standard bot policy instead.
  3. If anything is missing from your request, a steward will request more information.

Global bot status requests[edit]

Global bots are enabled on most wikis using the standard bot policy (see list of global bot wikis and global bot access requirements). Request will typically be left open for several days to allow comments. Please add requests at the bottom of this section.

Removal of global bot status[edit]

Please see the policy for global bots for the requirements that must be met for global bot access.

Global bot status for MessengerBot[edit] Zero edits on 5 wikis, but has bot flag on 4 of them. Innactive since autumn of 2013. Unnecessary bot status. XXN (talk) 18:37, 16 August 2014 (UTC)

 Not done There is no global account with such a name. Ruslik (talk) 16:45, 23 August 2014 (UTC)
Maybe is not global bot account, but it has bot status in multiple wikis. Should i post this request in other section?
As i presented above, he has bot flag on 5 linguistic versions of wikipedia but is inactive for more than 9 months. It's so dificult to make 5 clicks to removes him status? On test wikis status can be kept. If bot operator someday will need bot status on other wikipedias he can request it again. --XXN (talk) 16:41, 24 August 2014 (UTC)
Stewards have no authority to remove local bot flags. It is up to the respective local communities to decide this. Ruslik (talk) 16:48, 24 August 2014 (UTC)
MessengerBot isn't a real bot account, did you read w:User:MessengerBot? If someone has a problem with it, I could remove the bot flags I guess. Legoktm (talk) 21:09, 24 August 2014 (UTC)
Hi Legoktm. If it's your bot - it's ok, you can keep him status. I really had some problems with MessengerBot, about one month ago: when i tried to create list of bots by number of edits on rowiki i've got errors, and i lost some time until i understood that problem appears because account exists, it has bot flag, but it has no one contribution - this thing caused the problem. As edit counter i used an external, online third party tool, so i couldn't debug it, and (as temporary sollution) i just ”blacklisted” this account in my code to not ”count” edits for him:) --XXN (talk) 23:58, 29 August 2014 (UTC)

Bot status requests[edit]

Please add new requests at the bottom of this section.

Bot operators making bulk requests, please consider applying for global bot status and helping implement the standard bot policy on small wikis to simplify and streamline the bulk request process.


(I am requesting on behalf of Chinara Isabaeva, bot master, and Kyrgyz wikitionary community. Best regards, Daniiar) Kyrgyztil (talk) 10:46, 5 September 2014 (UTC)

The bot owner has 1 edit globally (=the request). The bot has none at all. Why is that? --MF-W 11:50, 5 September 2014 (UTC)
Sorry, I did't get it. Could you explain what do you mean. I apologize if it is dumb question. unsigned comment by Kyrgyztil (talk) 14:22, 6 September 2014
We (Kyrgyz language wiki volunteers) are trying to develop Kyrgyz wiktionary, so we created team and our team member Chinara Isabaeve will work with the bot. In addition to Kyrgyz community we also had communication with Wiki person - Pathoschild. Hope it clarifies [User:Rahat] unsigned comment by Rahat (talk) 15:50, 6 September 2014
Dear MF-Warburg, can you suggest what shall we do to register the bot correctly and promptly? It is really and really important for Kyrgyz Wiktionary community. Best, [User:Daniiar] unsigned comment by Kyrgyztil (talk) 06:18, 9 September 2014
Rahat has been talking to me by email. He and some friends intend to add a large number of words to kywiktionary by bot. I suggested they begin slowly editing with the bot to test it out, and asked about the copyright status of the content they intend to add. —Pathoschild 13:21, 10 September 2014 (UTC)


(your remarks) Danzanjamts (talk) 08:56, 11 September 2014 (UTC)

Is there a community discussion somewhere? Why do you want a bot flag? And it's probably best if you create a separate account for a bot, don't you think? --MF-W 13:46, 11 September 2014 (UTC)
  • Answer (for MF-W) - I Mongolian Wikipedia administrator.Continuously since 2008, often included articles. Of course, the replacement done. As you can see by clicking on the contributions. I'm Mongolian Mongolian Wikipedia are very poor. Spend with my heart in my body every day, your support is very processed. "Like Sverker Johansson (Lsjbot)". Mongolian Wikipedia grows 10-15 articles per day.Wikipedia resource for me to devote my heart for always and will continue to devote.Swedish admin (Lsjbot) for more than 1 million high and low quality articles like drops alone, I like to support this is my wish. Please give your support (mongolian language:Та дэмжиж өгнө үү) --Danzanjamts (talk) 20:59, 11 September 2014 (UTC)

Removal of bot status[edit]

If a specific user is abusing his/her bot status, you may request removal of the status on his account here. Please be sure to provide a short explanation on the current situation, along with links to the bot's contribution and an announcement in your community of the abuse. Previous requests are archived.


I have decided to retire from Wikipedia community, and thus does not require the use of Bots anymore. As an operator of this bot, I hereby ask Steward to remove the bot flag from this bot. I will also initiate the rename at later time. Thank you. G(x) (talk) 17:23, 1 October 2014 (UTC)

The bot flag can be removed by local bureaucrats, please ask them to do so. In general, we can't act if there are local users who can perform the same action. Savhñ 17:29, 1 October 2014 (UTC)
Please archive or remove this request. Thank you. --G(x) (talk) 17:37, 1 October 2014 (UTC)