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Social media plugins are easy ways of sharing content with other people via social media platforms. The most common way is a Share or Like button. This page discusses the possibility to integrate social media plugins into Wikimedia projects.



Previous discussions[edit]


This section lists some arguments that have been brought up in the discussion.

In favor[edit]

  • Share button allow easy sharing of Wikimedia's content; widely distributing it serves our mission.
  • Some users enjoy sharing the content they read with their friends, it's a feature often requested by readers.


  • Too many user interface (UI) elements – Wikimedia sites has already too much UI clutter.
  • It's difficult to define a set of social media sites that Wikimedia will have plugins for. Excluding some social media services might be seen as an attack on Wikipedia's neutrality policy.
    • We already do something similar with tools like GeoHack and Special:BookSources (ISBN search).
      • You could even refine it by building a service like AddThis yourself, but under WMF privacy policies.. Not too difficult.
  • Privacy concerns: Standard integration of social media plugins would allow third parties to track Wikipedia readers.
    • This point could be weakened by implementing a "2 click solution"
    • And you DONT need 'standard' integration. Almost all share sites can use a plain url link, the tracking issue ppl are concerned with here is only a problem if you embed the JS widgets of the share providers.
  • Some users feel that we should not allow social media plugins because that would make Wikipedia itself a social network. This point is highly disputed.