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This extension allows administrators to create and edit banner campaigns across multiple wikis. Updates made here may take up to 10 minutes to propagate to the various projects.

Documentation: Help:CentralNotice and CentralNotice/Banner guidelines

Templates: shared-common-style

Current cache settings: Banners: 10min server, 0min client; Geo: 0min. Note: Campaigns are not cached - rather, banners assigned to campaigns are cached.

Banner Bucketing: CentralNotice now has 4 buckets available. However, only 'A' and 'B' will be randomly assigned to users. 'C' and 'D' must be assigned manually from a banner. For more information see Targeting with Buckets

Guilt Free Live Testing: The Afar Wikibooks project has been closed for some time. However it is still live and can be targeted from CentralNotice campaigns on this wiki. Alternately you can test on but note that testwiki runs a completely separate instance of CentralNotice.

Please add potential notices to the CentralNotice calendar (with human-readable campaign names, please) and discuss potential changes with the project sponsor prior to making them. See the usage guidelines.