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how about linking directly to please fix[edit]

A weak point of creating a new page for just a remark, is that only sysops can delete pages, so one can not undo one's remark. Also, the remark as title means little flexibility regarding size of the remark, but also, even rephrasing the remark would give a new page while keeping the old one.

It seems much better to directly link to PleaseFix. This can be a piped link with the remark as label, like Clarify please!. Usually this should then be put on on a talk page, onto which perhaps some text is copied, not on the contents page.--Patrick 21:04, 22 Jul 2004 (UTC)

I still plan to use redirects, re: please directly link to please fix[edit]

patrick (sp?), great point about there being a lot extra titles.. Perhaps suggesting to use one of the existing redirects to PleaseFix first would be helpfull, and adequate? The big deal about using redirects, is that the fix note shows up on the "What links here" page. A piped link does not, and a page that has a clear request in it, is more likely to get fixed (imho), or revisited at a later date, than an unsorted list.