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This is a private page. Please do not edit when not allowed. Thanks. -jkb-

This page is still not completed as it is rather difficult to follow all the changes the menztioned people made. I work on it still. Thx for patience.

Here I give some links which can show some positions, opinions and statements of persons concerned:

Pages on Meta where this conflict is now beeing discussed (at present)

Present arbitration of V. Z. on cs:wiki:

Archived conflicts from august and september 2005 on the pages of Meta:

etc. See also new developments at

Statements I am a confident of the communsit secret service made by V. Z.:

Different statements of V. Z.:

The first attempt to make me a communist collaborateur:

Some other sources to Mr. Hedvicek

Here end of the declaration of -jkb-

allowed comments and statements only, otherwise it will be deleted[edit]