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C# Online.NET[edit]

C# Online.NET, called Visual C# Developer Center", is a growing, wiki-based C# and .NET reference featuring articles, C# code snippets, and tutorials. The associated WikiMedia user is User:CSharp-Online.NET.

Wiki modifications page[edit]

A MediaWiki page has been set up for all the modifications one likes to make to a new MediaWiki site, but forgets how or even forgets where the informaton came from. You are welcome to contribute your favorites.

CSO_iFrame tag and extension[edit]

The CSO_iFrame tag and extension allows you to put iFrames and iFrame advertisements—like Amazon iFrame ads—safely inside a <CSO_iFrame> tag for use on your MediaWiki pages.

CSO_PassThru tag and extension[edit]

Warning: For security reasons, allowing unrestricted HTML on a publicly editable wiki is strongly discouraged. Users can get up to all sorts of mischief with Javascript, for example.

I created a simple, little script which allows any HTML to be passed through to the content of the page. It is called CSO_PassThru tag and extension.

There is also a short writeup on CSO_PassThru at CSO_PassThru tag and extension.

CSO Security for extensions[edit]

Potentially dangerous or abusable extensions can be used on designated pages if the extension contains security checks. And, sometimes it may desirable to restrict the use of certain extensions to certain pages for other reasons. I have detailed a few methods for restricting or securing extensions in CSO Security for extensions.

CSO_SiteAd tag and extension[edit]

The CSO_SiteAd tag and extension allows you to put ads—forms, Javascript, HTML—safely inside a <CSO_SiteAd> tag for use on your MediaWiki pages.

CSO_Source tag and extension[edit]

The CSO_Source extension perfroms syntax highlighting based on the specified source language, e.g. C#, Perl. CSO_Source uses GeSHi—Generic Syntax Highlighter. Learn more and download the CSO_Source tag and extension.