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  • Name: Carlos Alberto (or "Arberto")
  • Country: Brazil
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish
  • Age:23-37
  • Coverage:Latin America


I can't cover every news, so I will try to follow the criterion bellow. The criterion may change case I think it is necessary. Case this occurs I will update here.

I will write about a news if:
1.The news is important.

  • I think an important news is a news which is likely to be part of a History book in the future or it exposes a change in current behavior.
  • If a news is very unusual, it can be published, albeit it has little importance to History (examples:Woman aged 66 gives birth, Man bites dog, charged with animal cruelty).
  • News related to important persons or facts may be published.
  • If a news was published by a lot of newspapers and/or was discussed or published a lot in internet can get published too.

2. The news has references
And these references are available, so the story can be checked.

3. The news is stable.
The news is likely not to be a hoax.

4. I can write the story.
Unfortunately, if the story is too complex and demands a lot of work, I can't write it, unless a get free time and help from other users.

I will not write:
1. Pure libellous
But don't confuse a libellous news with a news which fairly presents a negative fact about some subject.

2. Personal opinions of mysterious persons
Unless they are very secondary and related to the news, or they express a well known common sense which can be easily checked. If an accusation is been made, the person or organization who criticizes must be named and determined.

3. Pure propaganda
But don't confuse propaganda with a news which fairly presents a positive fact about some subject.

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