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Admin mop.PNG This user was a five-time rogue admin on English Wiktionary.


Lectonar's idea stolen:

23 September 2005 - start account. See I could get caught up in all this quite soon. At least, after fresher's week I can.

25 Sept: Articles that need to be wikified has a lot on it

October: Sorting out w:Category:Cardiff

9 November:Splashing advertising for the W:Cardiff Screen Festival about the place. Hey, maybe I'll get 1 more customer?

10 November: My first Article for Deletion nominated - it was Callum harries

11 November: Got into a bit of an "edit war" of sorts, with United Kingdom national football team

9th December: Got account on cy

18th December: Tidied up w:Category:Wales

20 December: On Wiktionary, I revamped the Community portal, have accounts on :de, cy:, :fr, :sv

29 December: Come back from Xmas break

30 Dec: Working through w:Category:Move to Wiktionary instead of revising w:linear algebra (not revising from Wikipedia, it has vast inaccuracies)

3 January: Found out I was blocked! I shared an IP Adress with w:User:Onoredwolf apparently! But some fella called Mark Wagner unblocked it

Started work on revamping Wiktionary's main page
Set up Wiktionary:Wiktionary:Word of the day

5 January: Will make a new Wikiquote Community Portal

6 Jan: Publish my revamped Wikiquote comm portal.

16 Jan: Should be revising for exams. But its only year 1, no worry.

17 Jan: Scored 64 on the Wikipediholic test

19 Jan: Wikipedia first features in my dream

20 Jan: Got told off for making {{tl|afd}} forks. Not so good. Still adapting to the way things work.

22 Jan: Met my first Wikipedian, Wonderfool, who didn't want to talk about wikis. Which is good, cos neither did I.

23 Jan: Been nominated for Wiktionary sysophood, possibly prematurely.

1 Feb: Set up w:Wikipedia:Random Acts of Kindness, and did an hour romp through w:Category:Category needed

2 Feb - 16 Feb: Had Internet resources taken away from me

18 Feb: Become Wiktionary sysop ([1])

15 March: Someone's been imitating me! [2]

4 April: Went for adminship on Wikipedia. Initial signs says I'm not going to do so well.

7 April: Wikipedia Adminship failed

2 June: Big transwiki of a Basque-Spanish dictionary into Spanish Wiktionary, for which I was honoured with my first "wikithanks" picture

Thanks a lot :)! Rosa Gold Glow 2.jpg a little flower as a thankyou, greetings --birdy, das weltraumvogi (:> )=| 14:02, 2 June 2006 (UTC)

7 August: All hell breaks lose on English Wiktionary, when Dangherous and Wonderfool are identified as being the same person, the former deleting the main page and blocking every single admin on the wiki, while stewards are seemingly flying home from Wikimania. At the end of it all, admin status is revoked.

Mid-October: It was necessary for the Wiktionarians to put a range block on both of my IP servers, thereby rendering the blocks extremely difficult to evade.

3 November: Acquired a microphone, and added first bunch of pronunciation to Commons.

mid-November : Tackling the César Awards, a seemingly worthwhile project.

April 2008: Re-emerged on Wiktionary as Keene, deleting the Main Page once again.

May 2008: Got married

June 2009: Re-emerged on Wiktionary as Jackofclubs, deleting Main Page for the fourth time.

July 2010: Re-emerged on Wiktionary as Volants, deleting the Main Page for a fifth time. My genius plan of feigning non-fluency in English was a success