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My name is Danny and I am currently the Grants Coordinator of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The official role of the position is as follows:

Promotes the application of grants throughout the communities, finding grants and people to work on them, and coordinating grant-writing efforts to ensure deadlines are met. Provides feedback to the board on what has been applied for, and suggests areas where more grants may be useful.

As I understand this, it means that Grants are a community-wide affair. Everyone who is interested in helping to obtain grants that would help the Foundation run smoothly, or who has an idea for a project that would benefit from a grant, is invited to contact me here.

I believe that no grant is too large--or too small--for the Foundation, provided that we are willing and able to keep to its terms. All suggestions, ideas, and critiques are welcome. Also, if you suggest a grant possibility, please be expected to be asked to move ahead with it. I see my position, first and foremost, as a coordinator, but it is the community (i.e., you) that will be requesting the grants.

Though my first language is English, please feel free to post on my page in your language of choice. I will make an effort to get it translated, though I may answer you in English.

I look forward to this opportunity to work with people from many different projects.

Please post any questions or comments here:

Questions and Comments[edit]

Hello Danny, I have a lot of grant experience and would like to speak with you about Wikipedia. Please contact me directly. (My e-mail is Is there a number I can call you? I also put my name and info on the grants page. I am the co-founder and president of an educational non-profit / National Educational Network, Inc. and have brought in about $2 million in grant funds to schools, educational organizations, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations prior to starting NENI last year. Dana Wilson Sept 5, 2006 4:34 pm EST

Hi Danny, I'm interested to find out whether wikiMedia has to offer an enterprise server (e.g. Like Google offers Google Earth), and if so how to acquire it and how much does this cost. Thanks Mariki

Japan Donations[edit]

I heard you were saying the donation of JPY is too few. And it makes an argument in the slashdot japan.
I want to donate some money with yen, but I don't want to lose my money. If you want just US doller, I want to pay with doller because of a exchange fee and avoiding a bad exchange rate. So, saying about a sum of JPY is putting bad reputation about Japanese. It makes me sad.
Some guy is asking a similer question about Euro in the "Wikimedia site feedback" page. I think you have to think about it.
I'm sorry for my scribble. This is a just what I'm thinking not question.

WikiJunior Grant[edit]

Hello Danny,

I see you have set up this spot for questions about grants, so I am putting my question here.

Thanks for your work on getting the WikiMedia grant. I have begun contributing to Our Solar System and would like more information so I know what I should be working towards.

  • Can you give some information about the AH Beck Foundation? The Benefactors List gives a bad link to The AH Beck Foundation Company, which builds drilling foundations -- no mention of a charitable organization. I tried a Google search on "Beck Foundation" and was not enlightened.
  • The Wikijunior page says The Beck Foundation solicited the proposal -- can you post the text of their request/solicitation
  • Can you post the full text of the grant proposal? If not, can you at least post a "redacted" version?
  • Can you post any other correspondance with /information from the Beck foundation about the project?
  • What are the Beck Foundations criteria for acceptance of the final result?

Thanks for your help --SV Resolution 13:43, 29 August 2005 (UTC)