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About Me[edit]

Hi ! I'm Julien and I'm a contributor and patroler on the French-speaking Wikipedia, ex-sysop on Wikidata, script creator on Wikimedia. I was born in 1995 in Roanne in France. I live actualy at Lyon where I'm student in 2nd year of bachelor in computer science at SUPINFO.

My Works[edit]

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My Scripts[edit]

Script I improved[edit]

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My Scripts[edit]

Be aware : Some other person may also edit these scripts. I'm not the only developer of these scripts.

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Contact Me

by email : j.gardet.wikimedia [at]

by IRC on (as "jitrixis")

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on facebook : jitrixis

on twitter : @Jitrixis

on linkedIn : Julien Gardet

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