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  • Real-Time Recent Changesg
    This tool enables you to monitor the recent changes of a wiki in real-time.
    In doing so it provides a lot of features; such as Timeframing, Filtering, Auto-Diff and more.
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  • CVNSimpleOverlayg
    Scans all usernames against CVN-blacklist. Handy when viewing recent changes, watchlist, pagehistory or a diff-link. Also checks global page watchlist.
  • Get Top RC Users
    A tool to generate a list of the most active contributors on a wiki by unpatrolled contributions (anonymous users for RC-patrol wikis, all users for NewPage-patrol wikis). Especially tuned to be used in combination with the Userfilter and MassPatrol functions of RTRC. Each list item is a quicklink linking to a preconfigured RTRC-page. Example
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  • Get Top RC Pages
    A tool to generate a list of pages with the most unpatrolled anonymous contributions. Each list item is a quicklink linking to a preconfigured SpeedPagePatrol-page ready for patrolling action. Example
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  • SpeedPagePatrol
    The SpeedPagePatrol internally generates a list of unpatrolled revisions to the given page on the given wiki and allows you to see an overal difference-view between the last patrolled and the last unpatrolled revision. And the second step would be to one-click patrol all of 'em. Note that this tool is made to be utilised from or with other applications, you need to set the URL-parameter wiki, title, and namespace. Use this ie. from Get Top RC Pages. Example
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  • WhatLeavesHereg
    This tool enables you list all outgoing page links, image links, external links, categories and transclusions on the page. A bit like WhatLinksHere which lists all incoming pagelinks, image links and transclusions.
    Can be filtered by namespace as well.
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  • Global SULg
    This script provides an extra Special-page action called "Globalize SUL" which allows easy auto-creation and unification of your SUL account on all local wikis.
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  • Countervandalism.js Collection of different scripts, gadgets and adjustments. Import, copy, or cherry-pick as you like.


  • OrphanTalk
    Search a wiki for talk pages that have no subject page. Generates a list of orphaned talk pages.
  • BlankPages
    BlankPages is a handy tool that generates a list of all blank pages on a particular wiki in one or more namespaces. For example a list of blank pages on Commons in all namespaces except for talkpages and user pages: click here.
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  • Commons Wanted Templates
    Because Commons's Special:WantedTemplates is full of links to missing translations for Media of the day – this tool is here to filter those out.
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  • Commons BadTemplatelinks
    List of pages on Commons that have potentially bad template links (such as {{}}).
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  • Usage
    Generates an overview where certain scripts are used within the landscape of Wikimedia wikis (powered by GlobalUsage). For example, to get statistics on where all Krinkle's scripts are used, see this report.
    API for the database of the Countervandalism Network.
  • WikiInfo
    This tools generates a big table based on data gathered on-the-fly from all wikis and requests all the oldest and latest edits to those wikis. Can be used for numerous different purposes. Such as getting a chronological list of new WMF projects, finding the historical first edit to a wiki or checking the last activity on a closed wiki. here.
  • MoreContributions
    A cross-wiki contributions tool (like luxo's tool) but sorted by date (chronologically), also supports wildcards to search for contributions by JohnDo* or 80.100.1*.
  • InterfaceFiles
    Lists files used in the MediaWiki:-namespace with option to hide protected ones (to get the ones that aren't protected). Primarily written for Wikimedia Commons but can also be used for other wikis (however protected status can only be gotten from local wiki, so if the image is from Commons it shows up as unprotected (unless it's locally protected as well, like often does)


  • Intuition
    Translation framework for various Tools and gadgets.
  • Kribo
    Small PHP-framework for creating simple IRC bots.

Scripts (old)[edit]

  • AjaxPatrolLinksg
    Makes patrollinks execute within the page, without an additional page load. Including self-closing bookmarklet option.
  • Vector LTRg
    This script transforms RTL-wiki pages to LTR by swapping the stylesheet, reverses menu order back and fixing textareas.
  • VectorSearchNavg
    Puts the searchbar in the left column in the Vector-skin.
  • insertVectorButtonsg
    This script enables you easily add new buttons to your toolbar in the Vector-skin like in Monobook.
  • TinEyeg
    Inserts an action-link in the File-namespace to do a search on TinEye.
  • toggleRevDelg
    If you're an administrator (sysop, moderator) this script allows you to hide those new RevisionDelete (Delete/undelete revisions) links on the Contributions, Logs and History pages.
  • PopCategoryDisplayg
    This script displays only the SUBPAGENAME of the pages in a category.
  • SpecialAbuseLog HistLink.jsg
    Adds a (hist) link to Special:AbuseLog entries.
  • OneClickCommoniserg
    Adds toolbox links to the Get text and Direct upload functions of Magnus' Move-to-commons assistant-tool.
  • addDeleteReasonsg
    (sysops) Add custom reasons to the deletion dropdowns.


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