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This is an effort to collect information about a certain type of spam, or rather spam attempt. The pattern is usually as follows: an IP address creates a talk page or someone's user page, only adds a vertical bar or |, and uses an edit summary with what seems to be search terms or maybe titles of blog articles, like "comparing and contrasting two wilfred owen poems-12" and "max air jordan shoes".

Please feel free to edit this page!

Abused IP addresses[edit]

IP Wiki's Date (y-m-d) [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] meta 2013-03-14 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] commons 2013-04-07 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock], fr.books, meta, pl.wikt 2013-04-09 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.v 2013-04-11 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.v 2013-04-10 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.v 2013-04-11 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.s 2013-04-13 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.v, meta 2013-04-13 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.v 2013-03-24 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.v 2013-03-24 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] meta, wikidata 2013-04-15 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] meta 2013-04-13 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.s 2013-04-16 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] mw, en.q, pl.wikt 2013-04-16 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.q 2013-04-13 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.q 2013-04-15 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] meta 2013-04-18 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] meta 2013-04-18 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] meta, etc. 2013-04-21 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] mw expires 02:08, 1 May 2013 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] es.n expires 21:41, 24 May 2013 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] meta expires 01:25, 8 June 2013 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.q expires 15:20, 16 July 2013 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.v expires 13:30, 10 September 2013 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] en.w, en.v expires 15:39 15 August 2013 [cross-wiki-contribs]IP inforobtex[gblock] commons 2013-09-08