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Megaman Zero
Get lost punk..You can't hope to touch this!

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About Zero[edit]

Megaman Zero is an editor of wikipedia and (just recently) meta-wiki. He studies C++ and is a high school junior at this current time, and frequently makes articles and/or edits to video game and manga articles. His first article was Seven Samurai 20XX. He considers himself a "expert" on video game information and makes said articles as such. Since he mostly makes and edits entries about video games, he participates in the Wikipedia:WikiProject Computer and video games. He has over 1000 edits.

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I hereby award you this bicycle; ride safely. — Davenbelle 11:34, 26 October 2005 (UTC)

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Odd edits on wikipedia[edit]

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  11. Cool Cat's strange edit

=== Odd edits on Meta Wiki

In Closing...[edit]

I value my anonymity above everything else on the internet, and ask you to honor this. Acquiring my nationality, age, name, and any other data revealing my identity will not improve the Wikipedia project and hence is of no concern to you.

Of course, a few misguided individuals have assigned me nationalities and etc.. listed below. I had been assigned the following nationalities so far: Japanese, Serbian, Turkish, Irish, Algerian and even Andorian. I'll give a hint: I am not Andorian. I am not denying any of these so as not to compromise my anonymity from 1/198 nations.

I have been also assigned the religions of Atheism (!) and Islam. I have also been declared a lameo, a troll, a propagandist, racist, vindictive, Bullshiter, homosexual, and even a Jackass.

If you also think I am something I am not, feel free to put that nonsense on my talk page or mention it to me on IRC (and please be creative, as that entertains me more). Do remember that, by doing so, you will violate Avoid personal remarks or No personal attacks but on the other hand you will amuse me.