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Licking 1-2-3...

The Wikitrix[edit]

You can also find me on the Wikipedia mailing list WikiEN-l (as Cheney Shill).


  • A site for repressed wikialitists.
  • I've been blocked from it since last year for insisting that it actually apply it's verfication policy to a controversial article.
  • While my account is in no danger of theft, I do have stalkers there who continue to vandalize or just add pure calumny to my user page. For this reason and dealing with any admin issues that require I be able to submit changes on admin pages, I've created the following accounts (more thean one because at least 1 of the stalkers is an admin that refuses anything reasonable and continues to block my IDs regardless of their use as purely admin tools):

Reality (virtually)[edit]


I added myself as a user here on recommendation of Wikipedia admins on the mail list. They had some sort of password emergency the spring of 2007.

  • Number of times one of my passwords has been guessed, stolen, or forgotten: 0. You can look that up on wiktionary under wikt:zero.