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// Morebits, a library for Twinkle-like gadgets by AzaToth
// Fork of Twinkle intended to work on as many wikis as possible
  • Go to User:Hoo_man/Synchbot and paste the following code in it at the end of the section, replace all occurrences of "USERNAME" with your username, and save the page
=== [[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]] ===
  | username   = USERNAME
  | title      = User:USERNAME/common.js
  | text       = mw.loader.load('//');
  | skip_wikis = 
  | existing   = skip
  | notes      = 
  • Wait for Hoo man or Tanvir to notify you that they have processed the request and now you have Twinkle and other scripts preloaded on all wikis :)

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