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nds-N Disse gebruker praot Nedersaksisch as moerstaal.
Disse Bruker snackt Plattdüütsch as Moderspraak.
de-N Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
got-N This user can read and write at a native level in 𐌲𐌿𐍄𐌹𐍃𐌺.
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en-4 This user can read and write at a near-native level in English.
fr-3 Cette personne peut contribuer avec un niveau avancé de français.
nl-2 Deze gebruiker heeft middelmatige kennis van het Nederlands.
es-2 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel intermedio de español.
tr-2 Bu kullanıcı Türkçeyi orta düzeyde anlayabilir ve konuşabilir.
sv-2 Denna användare kan läsa och skriva svenska på medelnivå.
ga-2 Tá meánleibhéal léimh agus scríofa i nGaeilgeag an úsáideoir seo.
la-1 Hic usor simplice Latinitate contribuere potest.
fi-1 Tämä käyttäjä osaa lukea ja kirjoittaa suomea perustasolla.
sco-1 This uiser can contreibute wi a laich level o Scots.
it-1 Questo utente può contribuire con un italiano di livello semplice.

Hello, my name is Kevin Behrens, I am 24 years old and I live in Bremen, Germany. I study linguistics and dutch. My mother tongues are German and Low Saxon, I therefore work mostly on the Low Saxon related WMF project pages but also at the Gothic wikipedia. I work as a teacher for Low Saxon at the local adult education center and I am the founder of the "association of the Gothic language" (Verein der gotischen Sprache n. e. V.). At my main job I work as a student assistant at the Chamorrica project at our university in Bremen.

I lanced the proposal for the WikiLang and I would be really happy if you could come by, maybe subscribe as a participant or someone who is interested and join our discussion on the discussion page. There is also already a development wiki to start that project and to see which possibilities there are.

Moinsen, ik bün een Student uut den Noorden. Boren bün ik in Mölln, opwassen in Geesthacht, mien Identiteet höört to Hamborg, man nu waan ik in Bremen vunwegen dat Studium. Ik studeer Spraakwetenschapp un Nedderlannsch as Nevenfack. Blangenbi arbeid ik an de Volkshoogschool as Plattdüütschlerer, an dat Instituut för de nedderdüütsche Spraak un bi dat Chamorrica-Projekt an de Uni. Ik bün 24 Jaar oold un bannig intresseert in Spraken.