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Please, stop posting articles that do not belong to that place, and while I am at it, do not post articles poorly translated by google. It is not very nice to expect everyone else to do the job to translate google stuff after you. And meta is not a place to post encyclopedic article. I hope you understand english enough, or please, contact an ambassador to explain this to you.

Thank you very much HeKeIsDa



I blanked the following articles, as they are not supposed to be there. However, I think you are beginning your own encyclopedia, so I will not delete them.


Musicas Jolkloricas del Mundo

Musica Jolklorica de Colombia


Please, talk to User:Brion Vibber before proceeding any further. I tried to contact some spanish speakers to talk to you.

Thank you

Anthere 21:45, 18 Nov 2003 (UTC)

(es) Por favor, cesa escribir articles aqui. Meta es para la coordinacion entre las diferentas enciclopedias. Si quieres empiezar una nueva enciclopedia puedes preguntar lo a Brion Vibber. Tanbien puedes ir a Wikipedia:Embassy si quieres hablar con algun hablando castillan mejor que yo. Gnu_thomas

I read your emails HeKeIsDa.

I am not sure you speak english. I try to use simple sentences.

First point.

You put some articles on the french wikipedia. The quality of the translation was very low. I think you did a translation with google. Spanish to English. And then English to French. The result is not very good. Editors must work a lot on it after. It is a lot of work. One editor deleted the article because it was bad. I restored the article, because someone has worked on it. But please, avoid posting articles translated with google. It is not very good. I am sorry.

Second point.

I understand you want to create a new wikipedia. You say it is a new dialect of spanish. Some people consider it is not a new dialect. They think there is no need for that new wikipedia. I do not speak spanish, so I can not say myself. You should discuss this with people at the spanish wikipedia. A new wikipedia should be built only if it is a separate dialect, and only if enough people are interested. Is there someone else who want to build this encyclopedia project with you ? if several people want this encyclopedia, Brion will set it for you. But it is better that several people are interested. I think that perhaps it is possible that your articles are in the spanish wikipedia as well. You should talk with spanish people at spanish wikipedia more about your project. Perhaps you could set a sub-project in the spanish wikipedia, with folkloric issues only ?

Last point.

Meta is not the space to set a new wiki. Articles must not be written in the meta space. It is not a good place. Please do respect the goal of meta. If you want to set a new wiki, find other people, and discuss it *here*. But do not make an encyclopedia here.

I thank you very much


Anthere 06:24, 20 Nov 2003 (UTC)

HeKeIsDa, I received your email. Thank you for your answer. I fear I did not understand everything very well.

Could you give me precise details about where this dialect is spoken ? Where is it spoken? Is it in Spain or perhaps in another region of the world ? In South America ? All languages have "codes" (for example, french is "fr"). I understood dialects have codes as well. What is the code of your dialect ? This information is necessary to create a new wikipedia. Could you perhaps also give me some external links on the web for references?

Thank you. Good evening.


Good evening HeKeIsDa

I tried to understand your email with some people help. I do not have a lot of time this evening, and I am away this week end. If you have the patience, I would be happy to help find a solution to your problem on monday. Have a good week end

Anthere 23:32, 21 Nov 2003 (UTC)

1) new wikipedia is for the languages: Creole a)dialectos of the Spanish in Colombia b)lenguas indigenas of Colombia c) new languages created in Colombia (as the case of sev'varannes) that is they are three projects in one.

Good morning HeKeIsDa,

Your project has been discussed among several of us during the past few days. The conclusion has been that your particular project (merge of three languages, including new language) unfortunately did not really fit in Wikipedia framework. We suggest that you build that project on an independant wiki of you; the mediawiki software is available to you to do so whenever you want. I recommand that you talk that over with other spanish speakers as well. I wish you good luck.

Best regards


Your account will be renamed[edit]

03:46, 18 March 2015 (UTC)