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Fundraising Committee[edit]

Hi there! Thanks for volunteering to sit on the Fundraising committee. The work of the committee will be really valuable to making this year's annual giving campaign really effective. I've posted an overview to Fundraising 2010, and would love your thoughts on the talk page. I'm also going to try to set up an IRC meeting soon, and hope you'll join for that. Keep an eye Fundraising 2010/Committee for a couple of proposed times! Thanks again... Philippe (WMF) 18:25, 3 August 2010 (UTC)


Hi all,

I'd like to have a meeting on IRC this week to discuss the 2010-2011 annual appeal/fundraiser. This will be an "anyone is welcome" type meeting, open to the broad community. During this, Zack Exley and I will take you through our inital thoughts about the fundraiser and its organization, and ask you to join us in a discussion about the (massive) role of volunteers and chapters in this year's fundraiser.

Because of the vagaries of time zones, scheduling live meetings is hard. So, we'll have a couple of potential times, and we'll log and post the meeting for anyone who wasn't able to make it.

The meetings will be held Thursday, 12 August at 23:00 UTC (16:00 PDT) and Friday, 13 August at 16:30 UTC (09:30 PDT) in the #wikimedia-fundraising channel on the freenode network on IRC (irc:// You can access this using freenode's webclient, which is available at or by using your favorite IRC client.

Hope to see you there! Philippe (WMF) 20:36, 10 August 2010 (UTC)


Can you please check the edit made by on Fundraising 2010/Messages/Language/de page. If the IP is you, please re-enter your text by using your account. Thank you. CnkALTDS 10:38, 21 September 2010 (UTC)

Translator, We need you![edit]

Dear Till Mletzko (WMDE),

You have helped us in previous years with translations and for that we are most grateful. Now we turn towards the 2011/12 fundraiser. It may seem forever away, but work has already begun getting everything ready to go. This year we want to have landing pages covering as many countries in as many languages as possible.

Right now, we want to figure out who is interested in translating for the fundraiser. This year we're hoping to have more of a solidified "core" group of translators that we can count on to have work done by a few key dates, but we'd also welcome help from people who are willing to just help out when they can.

If you would be interested please take a look at this little sign-up survey and fill it out With that we can start building a list of people and filling any gaps in the languages we serve.

Many Thanks

Joseph Seddon (User:Jseddon (WMF))

Production Coordinator
Wikimedia Foundation
Jseddon (WMF) 00:42, 9 July 2011 (UTC)

Wikipedia mit Artikel oder ohne[edit]

Hallo Till, gibt es von den Verantwortlichen eine offizielle Aussage, ob es im deutschen Sprachraum „Wikipedia“ oder „die Wikipedia“ heißt? Wenn ich Wikipedia schreibe, fügt jemand den Artikel hinzu, und wenn ich die Wikipedia schreibe, gibt es anscheinend öfter jemanden, der den Artikel wieder entfernt. Das ist irgendwie lästig. -- Zwaailicht 19:23, 16 November 2011 (UTC)

Hi Zwaailicht. Es gibt keine einheitliche Schreibweise. Ich selber lasse den Artikel immer dann raus, wenn es möglich und vom Satzbau her logisch erscheint. Somit muss man immer den Einzelfall betrachten. Till Mletzko (WMDE) 11:17, 17 November 2011 (UTC)

Fundraising 2011/Problems donating/de[edit]

Hi Till, ich habe die Seite gerade eben aus dem Englischen übersetzt. Dabei kamen bei mir zwei Fragen auf:

  1. Sollen wir die amerikanische Telefonnnummer in diesem Brief drin lassen?
  2. Heißt die Ways to Give-Seite auf Deutsch auch so oder heißt die irgendwie anders?

VG --Niklas 555 15:32, 29 December 2011 (UTC)

Hi Niklas, du kannst die Telefonnummer gerne so lassen. Lieber mehr Kontaktdaten als zu wenige. Zur Bezeichnung Ways to Give: Weitere Spendenmöglichkeiten finde ich persönlich schöner. Danke für die Übersetzung. Till Mletzko (WMDE) 15:39, 29 December 2011 (UTC)

A barnstar for you![edit]

This barnstar is given to you for your help with the 2011 fundraiser translation.

Hi! I just want to thank you and give you this barnstar for your help with the translation of the 2011 fundraiser! The fundraiser was the best we ever had, both in terms of the amount we collected and in terms of number of translations. We couldn't have done either one without the help we got from you and other translators. If you are interested, we made a report, which has some statistics about the translations.

And: I have one more request, and that is that you take this survey. You may have got an e-mail about it, and if you did, please ignore this. But if you didn't it would be great if you would take this survey too, so we can learn to improve the translation experience.

Again, thanks for your help with translations – you're awesome! Jon Harald Søby (WMF) 14:32, 24 January 2012 (UTC)

Fundraising 2011/Sue Thank You/de[edit]

Hi Till,

bei der Übersetzung bin ich auf zwei geringfügige Probleme gestoßen:

  1. Sollen wir die Personen in der Höflichkeitsform oder in der Du-Form ansprechen? Ich habe vorerst einfach mal beides reingegeben.
  2. Sollen wir den Begriff Executive Director bei der Signatur von Sue einfach so stehen lassen oder würdest du den in Geschäftsführer oder so ändern?

Danke für deine Hilfe und VG, --Niklas 555 (talk) 19:26, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Hi Niklas,

  1. Siezen bitte.
  2. Geschäftsführer bzw. Geschäftsführerin wäre passend.

Besten Dank für die Übersetzung.

Till Mletzko (WMDE) (talk) 13:10, 22 February 2012 (UTC)