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The Wikimedia Asia Cultural Content Exchange is a project to encourage articles to be translated to as many Asian language Wikipedias as possible.

Communities taking part[edit]

Note: English language is, by default, included as the shared/common language.

If you are interested in taking part, please sign your name under the language(s) you will be translating from/to as a native speaker. You can start right now(!) by beginning to translate one of the articles listed below as "ready on English Wikipedia". Go ahead, be bold! :)


  • Volunteers from each contributing language Wikipedia (how is this co-ordinated?) selects three articles of significance to their nation/culture
  • Editors who are fluent in the language and at least en-3 in English translate the article into the English Wikipedia, or expand/update the existing one.
  • Fluent English writers copyedit the article for spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • Volunteers from each of the other languages begin translation of the specified articles from English


Depends greatly on the number of languages taking part. If five languages are involved, there are 15 articles to be translated (resulting in 75 articles total). If ten languages take part, it becomes 30 articles with a total of 300, after translations.

Nominated articles for translation[edit]

List at least 3 (and currently no more than 5) important articles about your culture or country that are not well covered in other Asian languages (check the interwiki links! :)), and other participants will translate them into English (if not already available) and then to other Asian languages!

From Arabic[edit]

From Hebrew[edit]

Nominated by Asaf Bartov from the Hebrew Wikipedia

Article name English Wikipedia Ready on ENWP? Summary of status on other languages zh ja hi te km
he:תרבות ישראל Culture of Israel Almost TR - good; ID - stub; no others -- -- hi:इज़राइल की संस्कृति Translation Symbol wait.svg Doing... te:ఇజ్రాయిల్ సంస్కృతి Symbol wait.svg Doing... --
he:עברית Hebrew language Yes AR, ML, ID, TH, JA - short article; Malaysian - good article!; stub on most other Asian languages 希伯来语 ヘブライ語 -- te:హిబ్రూ భాష Symbol wait.svg Doing... km:ភាសាហេប្រ៊ូ Symbol wait.svg Doing...
he:הכנענים Canaanism Yes Nothing in Asian languages! -- -- ... --

From Mandarin Chinese[edit]

Wait for approval, not the final version. Anyway, foreign translations are welcomed.

For Taiwan[edit]

Nominated tentatively by Shangkuanlc.

Article name English Wikipedia Ready on ENWP? Summary of status on other languages ...
zh:阿里山國家風景區 en:Alishan National Scenic Area OK - Quite detailed, but lack of references. The Chinese one is OK, The Japanese one is brief, stub on Hakka dialect, none for others.
zh:台灣百合 en:Lilium formosanum No - it is a stub. OK in Chinese, None in any Asian languages.
zh:台灣雲豹 en:Formosan clouded leopard Yes. Well for Chinese, Stub on Taiwanese and Korean.
zh:中華白海豚 en:Chinese White Dolphin OK, but some of the references are dead link, and more references needed. The most detailed one are on the Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese version, shorter for Cantonese, Malay and Hebrew, stub on other Asian languages (if available)
zh:李梅樹 en:Li Meishu Not really - it is a stub, we may need to expand it. Available in Chinese detailed introduction, as well as Taiwanese stub.
zh:布袋戲 en:Glove Puppetry Not really - the article's content is mixed with those unrelated Western puppetry. Available in Chinese, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Javanese and Japanese. The Chinese and Japanese one are the longest, others are shorter, but all longer than the English one.
zh:鄭成功 en:Koxinga Yes - but beware of a part that was labelled for a inappropriate tone. Detailed in Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese; shorter for Korean, Taiwanese and Classical Chinese, stubs for most other Asian languages. The Burmese one have no content.

For Hong Kong[edit]

Nominated tentatively by Spring Roll Conan, the list is not opposed by anyone from the HK Wikipedian meeting.

Article name English Wikipedia Ready on ENWP? Summary of status on other languages tl
zh:獅子山 en:Lion Rock Not really - the content are few, no references. The Chinese one is not very detailed, shorter for the Hakka version.
zh:茶餐廳 en:Cha chaan teng OK - detailed for a naive user, more references needed. Japanese, Cantonese and Chinese version are here, all detailed but with some parts lack with references.
zh:香港動作電影 en:Hong Kong action cinema Yes - but there's a part with unverified content, as well as missing parts regarding the film genre's development in 2000s-2010s A short one in Chinese, none for others
zh:維多利亞港 en:Victoria Harbour Symbol wait.svg Doing... Daungang Victoria
zh:洋紫荊 en:Bauhinia blakeana

From Japanese[edit]

From Tagalog[edit]

Tentative list suggested by Sky Harbor. Note that for most articles, the English version is substantially more detailed than the corresponding Tagalog version: this is because most Wikipedia editors in the Philippines work on the English Wikipedia.

Article name English Wikipedia Ready on ENWP? Summary of status on other languages he km te ...
tl:Kultura ng Pilipinas en:Culture of the Philippines Yes No Asian languages have this article. -- -- -- ...
tl:Maynila en:Manila Yes -- -- Symbol wait.svg Doing... km:ម៉ានីល మనీలా Symbol wait.svg Doing... ...
tl:Dyipni en:Jeepney Yes ja: reasonably detailed
ar: has cleanup tags
Symbol wait.svg Doing... ג'יפני -- -- ...

From Telugu[edit]

Nominated tentatively by Rahmanuddin from Telugu Wikipedia
As a TE WPian I second the nomination by Rahmanuddin.

Article name English Wikipedia Ready on ENWP? Summary of status on other languages he ...
te:తెలుగు en:Telugu_language Almost -- -- ...
te:తెలుగు_సాహిత్యము en:Telugu_literature Complete for a naive reader he: started Symbol wait.svg Doing... he:ספרות טלוגו ...
te:పల్లెవాసుల_జీవనవిధానం en:Telugu_village_life beginning -- -- ...
te:తెలుగింటి_వంట en:Telugu_cuisine Complete for a naive user -- -- ...

From Kannada[edit]

Article name English Wikipedia Ready on ENWP? Summary of status on other languages te Other ...
kn:ಕನ್ನಡ en:Kannada language Yes -- కన్నడ భాష -- ...
kn:ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ en:Karnataka Yes -- కర్ణాటక -- ...
kn:ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು en:Bangalore Yes -- బెంగుళూరు -- ...

From Khmer[edit]

Nominated tentatively by វ័ណថារិទ្ធ(Vantharith) from Khmer Wikipedia

Article name English Wikipedia Ready on ENWP? Summary of status on other languages he te tl
km:ភាសាខ្មែរ en:Khmer language Yes. Very comprehensive. Currently available in 40+ languages, but still rooms for improvement. -- -- ...
km:ប្រដាល់សេរី en:Pradal serey, Khmer kickboxing Yes. Available in 10 languages including EN. -- -- -- ...
km:ប្រាសាទព្រះវិហារ en:Preah Vihear Temple Yes. Available in 25+ languages. -- ప్రే విహార దేవాలయం Symbol wait.svg Doing... -- ...
km:បឹងទន្លេសាប en:Tonlé Sap Yes. Even more comprehensive than Khmer article. Will work to expand Khmer article. -- -- తున్లే సాప్ Symbol wait.svg Doing... Symbol wait.svg Doing... Tonlé Sap ...
km:អត្តសញ្ញាណជាតិនៃកម្ពុជា en:National symbols of Cambodia Yes. None. -- కంబోడియా జాతీయ చిహ్నాలు Symbol wait.svg Doing... -- ...

From Hindi[edit]

From Tamil[edit]

From Korean[edit]

Article name English Wikipedia Ready on ENWP? Summary of status on other languages zh ja hi te km
ko:한복 w:Hanbok Almost 22 languages linked up. Chinese is quite good -- -- -- -- --
ko:목포시 w:Mokpo Almost 22 languages linked up, but almost stubs -- -- -- -- --
이우 w:Yi Wu No. Need your help Just 4 languages, one of them is Japanese -- -- -- -- --

Background to the Project[edit]

Interested in knowing the background to this project? This project idea collaboratively emerged during Wikimedia Asia Meeting on August 10, 2013 (17:45 - 19:10) at Wikimania, Hong Kong. See this for the summary of the discussions.