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Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland is a Wikimedia chapter. The association was founded on March 27, 2006 in Eindhoven, and recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation as chapter. In early 2013 it had ~200 members.

In English, the association informs usually here on Meta Wiki.See for example the English language 'chapter reports'.

The web site (in Dutch) can be found at and the association has its own mailinglist, wikimedianl-l. You can find the Statutes on the association's wiki in English as well.

General e-mails to Wikimedia Nederland can be sent to infoAt


2014-04-05 bestuur wmnl.JPG

The Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland has a board consisting of seven members. It is (newly) elected every year on the general assembly in spring.

The current board was elected on March 29th, 2014. Its members:

  • Frans Grijzenhout, Chair, human resources (staff)
  • Ad Huikeshoven, International Affairs, Education Program
  • Jan Anton Brouwer, Treasurer
  • André Engels, Secretary
  • Justus de Bruijn, Communication
  • Ronn Boef, Community
  • Marlon Thé, GLAM


  • Sandra Rientjes, director
  • Denise Jansen, communications & community support
  • Sindy Meijer, communications & community support
  • Sebastiaan ter Burg, Coordinator Cultural Projects
  • Jolanda Adelaar, Finance Management and Administration

Documentation in English[edit]