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Wikimedia user groups are groups of Wikimedia users who support and promote the Wikimedia projects in the offline world by organizing meetups and other projects. User groups may or may not be legally incorporated entities. Like the Wikimedia Foundation, they aim to "empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally". There are currently 18 user groups.

This page lists current and planned user groups. Please see the step-by-step user group creation guide for more information. The Affiliations Committee (AffCom) exists to aid the creation of, and to support, user groups.

If you have plans for user groups, please contact the Affiliations Committee at affcom at

If your user group is ready to apply for recognition, see the Wikimedia user group applications page.

Approved user groups[edit]

Name Focus Status Start of reco­gnition End of reco­gnition Bylaws (optional) Website (optional) Mailing list
Contact Last update
Egypt Wikimedians User Group Supporting Wikimedia projects in Egypt, supporting Egyptian Wikimedians, and becoming the recognized chapter in Egypt. Pending signature of user group agreement 2014-07-27 Non-applicable m: Egypt Wikimedians
fb: facebook page
User:Mohamed Ouda and User:Ahmed Mohi El din 2014-07-27
Esperanto kaj Libera Scio (ELiSo) Reaching of readers and contributors among Esperanto speakers and collaboration with Esperanto organisations. Document with signatures sent to AffCom 2013-04-04 2014-04-30 Non-applicable m: Esperanto kaj Libera Scio
fb: facebook page
eliso Ziko 2014-01-13
GLAM-Wiki US Consortium The GLAM-Wiki US Consortium will bring together cultural organizations, Wikipedians, Wikimedia chapters, and individuals in an independent community of practice devoted to supporting the GLAM-Wikimedia initiative in the United States. Pending signature of user group agreement 2013-06-25 2014-06-30 Non-applicable wiki page / blog / Facebook page, group glam-us Dominic McDevitt-Parks 2013-06-25
New England Wikimedians Wikimedia User Group in the New England region; their goal is to increase participation of Wikimedians within the region, including at the many colleges and universities in the area Discussion at Meta 2013-12-30 2014-12-31 Bylaws Official page and pages on Meta, Facebook, and Twitter boston Kevin Rutherford, Maia Weinstock 2013-12-30
Wikimedia Community User Group Brasil Wikimedia Community User Group Brasil is a planned group of Wikimedians in Brazil who are interested in organizing and promoting activities related to the Wiki projects in Brazil. User group agreement signed 2014-01-23 2015-01-23 Non-applicable Wikimedia BR wikimediabr-l Jonas AGX,Vinicius Siqueira,Danilo.mac 2014-01-26
Wikimedia Community User Group in China Wikimedia China User Group is planned to support and help the development of Wikimedia Movement in Mainland China. Pending signature of user group agreement 2014-07-30 Constitution m: Wikimedia User Group China User:AddisWang 2014-07-30
Wikimedia Community User Group Greece The main objectives are to increase participation in Wikimedia projects mainly in greek language, develop educational programms and create an environment for cultural organisations to share content through Wikimedia. Pending signature of user group agreement 2013-07-20 2014-07-31 Non-applicable wikiEL User:Geraki 2013-07-20
Wikimedia Community User Group Pakistan Wikimedia Community User Group Pakistan is a planned group of Wikimedians in Pakistan who are interested in organizing and participating in outreach activities on national level. User group agreement signed 2014-04-07 N/A m: Wikimedia Community User Group Pakistan Wikimedia-pk Saqib 2013-10-10
Wikimedia TN User Group Planning Wikimedia Tunisia (PWMTN) is the team working towards the establishment of a local Tunisian User Group of the Wikimedia Foundation. Our mission is to promote the Wikimedia Foundation and its projects in Tunisia. One of our core missions is to aid and encourage people to collect, develop and disseminate knowledge and other educational, cultural and historic content in the public domain or under a license that allows everyone to freely use, distribute and modify said content without the payment of royalties. User group agreement signed 2014-05-28 N/A m: Wikimedia Tunisia
lists at Dyolf77
Wikimedians in Thailand Wikimedians in Thailand is a user group and a future chapter in the country. We have organised a number of outreach activities (WLM, Wikipedia Zero, Wikipedia workshops) in collaboration with local/international partners including WMF. We believe that the full potential of WMF projects in Thailand has not yet been realised. Therefore, we engage in our offline activities with the aim of increasing participation and impact of WMF projects in the country. Pending signature of user group agreement 2014-04-28 N/A m: Wikimedians in Thailand Wikimedia-TH User:Taweetham 2014-04-07
Wikimedians of Colombia User Group Wikimedians of Colombia User Group is planned to support and help the development of Wikimedia Movement in Colombia. Pending signature of user group agreement 2014-06-02 Bylaws Sahaquiel9102
Wikimedians of Iceland User Group Wikimedians of Iceland User Group seeks to organise activities for the public in Iceland to engage them in editing Wikimedia sites and also for the current Wikimedians as well. User group agreement signed 2014-02-28 Non-applicable Facebook page wikiis-l Svavar Kjarrval & Hrafn Malmquist 2014-02-28
Wikimedians of Nepal Its main objective is the growth of a community of supporters of the different Wikimedia projects in various languages spoken in Nepal. User group agreement signed 2013-05-30 2015-05-28 Non-applicable Facebook Page nepaliwiki -at- Ganesh Paudel 2013-05-30
The Wikinewsie Group The Wikinewsie Group exists to support independent original reporting on an open license platform, work towards increasing participation and content creation on Wikinews. Pending signature of user group agreement 2014-02-28 Bylaws The Wikinewsie Group wikinewsie -at- Svavar Kjarrval & Superzerocool 2014-02-28
Wikisource Community User Group The Wikisource Community User Group is a proposed user group to support the Wikisource community and its vision both online and offline. User group agreement signed 2013-11-03 2014-11-30 Non-applicable Wikisource Community User Group wikisource-l Aubrey, Micru 2014-04-14
Cascadia Wikimedians Wikimedia group for the Pacific Northwest region of North America; its mission is to support Cascadian Wikipedians and to create a world in which the sum of all human knowledge is available for free to everyone. Pending signature of user group agreement 2014-09-12 Non-applicable Cascadia Wikimedians Another Believer 2014-09-13
Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group A project to support the LGBT community by developing the community of LGBT Wikimedians and LGBT content within Wikimedia projects. Pending signature of user group agreement 2014-09-12 Non-applicable Wikimedia LGBT lgbt Another Believer 2014-09-13
Wikimedia Ghana A group to promote the distribution of free educational material and media in Ghana and globally via the project websites of the WMF. Pending signature of user group agreement 2014-09-12 Non-applicable Wikimedia Ghana Wikimedia-gh Rexford (Coordinator) 2014-09-14

Planned user groups[edit]

Main page: Wikimedia user groups/Applications

Wikimedia organizations in active preparation to become Wikimedia user groups. Please provide a link to a page on meta with more detailed information (with a short summary in English) and provide a contact for questions about the present state.

A yellowish background means organizations are currently in active contact (as of the "last update" date) with the Affiliations Committee;
A light grey background means awaiting an update (either from the proposed organization or from AffCom).
Name Focus Status Bylaws (optional) Website (optional) Mailing list
Contact Last update
Wikimedia Ireland Community Wikimedia Ireland Community is a planned user group to further the aims of the Wikimedia Foundation in Ireland. Waiting for recognition n/a Wikimedia Ireland Community WikimediaIE SabinaBonnici 2014-05-29

User groups in discussion[edit]

Name Focus Status Bylaws (optional) Website (optional) Mailing list
Contact Last update
Wikimedia Austria User Group Existing as regular meetup group Non applicable Wikipedia Wien Hubertl 2012-11-30
MediaWiki Group Ahmedabad Seeking recognition as a Wikimedia India SIG and then as a Wikimedia User Group Non applicable mw:Groups/Proposals/Ahmedabad Harsh Kothari 2013-01-28
MediaWiki Group Surakarta Formalizing existing activities Non applicable mw:Groups/Proposals/Solo Bennylin 2013-01-21
Wiki BUG Wiki users in San Francisco Bay area (US) Formalizing existing activities Not applicable Meta page only Wikimedia-sf covers same area Pete F (talk) 2013-01-27
Wikimedia-KH Cambodia User Group Wiki users in Phnom Penh / Cambodia Formalizing existing activities, building offline community, forming physical body, first as a User Group with long term goal of incorporation into official WMF's Local Chapter in Cambodia. Not applicable Wikimedia-KH Cambodia User Group Wikimedia-KH វ័ណថារិទ្ធ (Vantharith) (talk) 2013-03-22
Wikimedians in Kenya Wikimedians in Kenya is a group of users who want to pursue and continue to work in advancing and sharing information through the Wikimedia platforms and encourage and promote the contribution to the same platforms by users in Kenya. Building from the previous efforts of Wikimedia Kenya Chapter Non applicable Wikimedians in Kenya To ask for a new user group mailing list Limoke Oscar 2013-04-13
Wikimedia Northeastern China User Group Beginning discussion internally Not started Will start our own website soon User:Shujenchang 2012-09-07
Wikipedia Club Pune Discussion between organizers, chapter and Affiliations Committee 2012-12-10
Wikimedian Society of Tokyo Wikimedia users in Greater Tokyo Area, Japan Existing as regular meetup group and as a collection of people who support events related Wikimedia. Formalizing existing and planned activities. Non applicable witokio at googlegroups dot com akaniji
whym (talk)
MediaWiki Group Accessibility Tracking Wikimedia users interested in bringing forward accessibility in MediaWiki and hence all projects based on. Especially Wikipedia MediaWiki Group Proposal Non applicable mw:Groups/Proposals/Accessibility Tracking mw:User:Barrierefrei 2013-05-29
Wiki Borregos CCM Student User Group The Wiki Borregos CCM Student User Group is a proposed user group to support Wikimedia activities on Tec de Monterrey Campus Ciudad de México Campus. It will have campus ambassador functions as well as supporting activities such as meetings, conferences and outreach. Regularly meeting and active group, in discussion with Aff Com Non applicable Wiki Borregos CCM Student User Group wikisource-l Thelmadatter, Salcedo95 2013-06-14
Wikimedians of Jordan User Group Wikimedians in Jordan and Palestine Teritories Discussion at Meta Wikimedians of Jordan User Group Shadi Aljawarneh 2014-03-24
MediaWiki Cooperation MediaWiki users outside the Wikimedia Foundation Existing as a regular meetup group Not applicable mw:Groups/Proposals/MediaWiki Cooperation User:Mglaser, User:80686 2014-09-30

See also: Proposed MediaWiki Groups

Expired user groups[edit]

These groups were previously approved by the Affiliations Committee for a specified period of time. The group did not seek, or were not approved, for an extension on their recognition period. Any member of the group is encouraged to contact the Affiliations Committee to request recognition of the user group.

Name Focus Status Start of reco­gnition End of reco­gnition Bylaws (optional) Website (optional) Mailing list
Contact Last update
MediaWiki Group San Francisco Recognition expired 2013-01-12 2013-12-31 Non applicable mw:Groups/San Francisco Quim Gil 2014-04-18
Group promotion Recognition expired 2013-01-13 2013-12-31 Non applicable mw:Groups/Promotion Quim Gil 2014-04-18

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