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Information about WikiMetrics

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Wikimetrics is a Wikimedia Foundation developed tool that provides access to the Wikimedia API. It allows users to pull data about a group of usernames (called cohorts) to discover retention rates for those users, how many characters they have added, how many edits they have made, how many pages they have created, etc, all within time periods the Wikimetrics user sets. With a clean interface, and with the help of guides, Wikimetrics is easy for anyone with a desire to evaluate their programs to use. (BUT: if you find it hard to use, please leave or send feedback - it should be a tool for all to use!)

So: start tracking the usernames of those who participate in your edit-a-thons, conferences, workshops, WLM, etc., and see what happens!

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Wikimetrics tool: this is the tool itself! Get a cohort of usernames, and try it out.

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Wikimetrics How-To This learning module is an up-to-date how-to guide, created by Program Evaluation & Design, on how to use Wikimetrics. Last updated, April 2014

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Wikimetrics Opt-In Forms are a legal necessity if you want to collect usernames at an event (edit-a-thon, workshop, Wiki Takes, etc.). Learn about how to use and download the forms.