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मेटा-विकीमा स्वागत छ । यो सामान्यत विकिमेडिया फाउन्डेसनका विकिमीडिया परियोजनाहरुको तथा विकिमीडिया आन्दोलनको विश्वव्यापी सामुदायिक साइट हो । मेटा-विकिको छलफलको क्षेत्रमा समन्वय र दस्तावेजिकरणदेखि भविष्यमा हुने विकिमेडियाका कृयाकलापको योजना तथा विश्लेषणसम्म पर्छन्।

अन्य मेटा-केन्द्रित विकिहरु जस्तै: विकिमीडिया आउटरीच विशेष परियोजनाहरु हुन्। सम्बन्धित विषयहरूमा विकिमेडियाको पत्राचार सूची (मुख्यतया फाउन्डेसन-१) र आइआरसी च्यानल (#wikimediaconnect) र विकिमेडिया च्याप्टरका स्थानिय विकीमा तथा अन्य स्थानमा पनि छलफल हुन्छन्।

Goings-on Requests

अगस्ट २०१६

Wikimedia-logo.svg 5-7: WikiConference India 2016 will take place in Chandigarh, India.

जुलाई २०१६

Wikimedia-logo.svg 12: A new Wikipedia.org Portal page layout update is up on MediaWiki with a request for comments. Please take a look and ask your questions, if you have them, as we'll be closing out the discussion on July 19, 2016. If you'd like additional information on the Portal and the work that has been done to date, it's available here.
Wikimedia-logo.svg 11: Community Questions and Answers to FDC candidates are open until 17 July. Please ask your questions!

जुन २०१६

Mediawiki-logo.png 30: The VisualEditor team is building a group of experienced contributors who can help smaller communities to set up their sites and optimize the editing experience. You can sign-up at the Community Taskforce page.
Wikimedia-logo.svg 29: The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees announces approval of the Wikimedia Foundation's 2016-17 Annual Plan and Budget.
Wikimedia-logo.svg 29: The call for nominations for appointed seats to the FDC is now open. We are looking forward to candidates!
Wikimedia-logo.svg 24: The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees announces the appointment of Katherine Maher as Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director.
Wikimedia-logo.svg 16: Due to a programming error, some Wikimedia project users may be logged out as a security precaution.
Mediawiki-logo.png 14: The Wikipedia.org portal team would like to add mobile app download badges near the bottom of the portal page and wants feedback and suggestions on the idea.
Commons-logo.svg 10: Commons' Picture of the Year committee is pleased to announce the results of the tenth Picture of the Year competition (2015).
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