2011-12 Fundraising and Funds Dissemination process/Wikimedia UK statement of principles

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This resolution was passed by the Wikimedia UK Board on 26 January.

The Board of Wikimedia UK believes;

  1. Decentralization, empowerment, and effective teamwork are core values of the Wikimedia movement
  2. The future Wikimedia movement depends on the growth and empowerment of individuals, groups, and formal bodies. Therefore, the development of any organisation within the Wikimedia movement, whether a geographical chapter or not, should be based on granting the maximum independence and responsibility at the lowest level (i.e., the principle of subsidiarity), taking into account our fiduciary duties and agreed movement objectives.
  3. There are advantages to decentralisation of fundraising operations, which will become even more important as the movement develops. These advantages can outweigh any risks in fundraising decentralisation if there is a strong framework for responsibility and accountability of entities conducting fundraising.
  4. It is important for the health of the movement as a whole that there is a long-term settlement regarding funds which will enable movement bodies to plan for growth on horizons of longer than one year.
  5. There is considerable scope for future co-operation between the Foundation, chapters, and other organisations and all parties should actively identify and resource such opportunities.
  6. Such co-operation should include setting out a clear path towards meeting the requirements of participation in decentralised fundraising.
  7. All parties to this discussion should prioritise the wellbeing of the Wikimedia movement as a whole over their own interests or viewpoints.

We urge the Wikimedia Foundation Board and the entire movement to find a resolution to the ongoing discussions about fundraising in line with these principles, which we consider to be core to the values of the Wikimedia movement.