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21C3/Wikimedia workshop

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At the 21C3, Angela and Elian and Jimbo will hold a "Wikimedia Collaboration Workshop". It's currently scheduled for day two, 22:00h and we will have 1 hour. As this is planned as a workshop and not a presentation, we welcome your input on how you would like to spend this time: which topics should be discussed? Do you have ideas you want to present to the community? Any questions you ever wanted to ask?

According to the program, the workshop will be about international collaboration of the Wikipedia scene and the inner workings and plans of the project, for those who want to support the project on a national or international scale

Please put your wishes on this page so we can create an agenda for the workshop.

You can edit this workshop right now!

Wikimedia structure and work[edit]

short intro by Angela
  • What are we doing? How to become involved?

International cooperation[edit]

  • Meta (Babel, translation, embassy, statistics, reports, chapter notes & bylaws)
    increasing awareness of other projects...
  • How to organize news channels (working in all directions - foundation-> projects, among the projects)
    list of polls, collaborations, shared features...
  • Wikimedia newsletter!
    • anyone can contribute.
  • Translation of the week
    Interlanguage links : how to emphasize them?
  • proper traanslation. real-time trans : maintain 3 main langs?...
    (lady in back, who has organized int'l conferences before; has a Romanian friend who would love to attend)
  • Physical gatherings are very useful, but rare and hard to arrange. How can people find better processes to arrange collaboration?
    email is one method, the wikis... how do you get people to interact? jimbo: the community uses all those modes of communication...
    video conferencing? skype channels?
    maha - get along much better with people I've met personally. so meeting people and making those connections is very important.
    local, regional, worldwide meetings!
    Wikipedia toolchain groups... webchat? skype, vid conferencing, on2me, irc clients, de: web-applet tools... interface perks, reducing latency. subethaedit.


  • Plans for the next months, how to become involved...
  • Debate on the right focus: community event, scientific debate and presentation
    • How many people will come? How broad to extend the invitation?
    • Should we worry about enough people showing up / taking rooms?
  • Calls for sponsorship
    • from translation institutes, schools
  • [travel expenses, rest-of-the-world]


short intro by erik
  • How to organize original reporting
  • How to achieve neutral reporting
  • How to filter the interesting and important from the stupid...


  • German DVD version (short intro by presroi)
  • Wikipedia print edition
  • Quality improvement & review mechanisms
  • Metadata (..and getting rid of it from the article)


  • How to present Wikipedia/Wikimedia/Mediawiki
  • top 10 of wikipedia-misconceptions in main stream media