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| [[Image:Icons-flag-mo.png]] mo
| [[Image:Icons-flag-mo.png]] mo
| [[Wikimedia Macau]]
| [[Wikimedia Macau]]
| Apply to the Macau Government
| Appling to the Macau Government<br>'''Wikimedia Macau is going to be formally established in law on April 9, 2009'''
| zh:[[Wikimedia Macau/澳門維基媒體協會章程 (草案)/zh|Draft]]
| zh:[[Wikimedia Macau/澳門維基媒體協會章程 (草案)/zh|Draft]]
| –
| –
| –
| –
| [[Talk:Wikimedia Macau/籌備委員會]]
| [[Talk:Wikimedia Macau/籌備委員會]]
| 2008-11
| 2009-3-26
| [[Image:Icons-flag-ph.png]] ph
| [[Image:Icons-flag-ph.png]] ph

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"Local chapter/s" redirects here. To see other possible uses, see Chapters, a disambiguation page.

Wikimedia chapters are independent organizations founded to support and promote the Wikimedia projects within a specified geographical region (country). Like the Wikimedia Foundation, they aim to "empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally". Over 20 chapters currently exist in nearly every continent of the world.

This page lists current and planned chapters. Please see the Step-by-step chapter creation guide and the Local chapter FAQ for more information. A Chapters committee exists to aid the creation of, and to support, local chapters.

Existing chapters (dark blue), planned chapters (green), and chapters in discussion (light blue) as of 11 Jan 2009.

Existing chapters

Planned chapters

Chapters in active preparation to become a Local Chapter. Please provide a link to a page on meta with more detailed information (with a short summary in English) and provide a contact for questions about the present state.

country code Chapter Status Articles of Incorporation
/ Statute
Website Mailing list Contact Last update
Icons-flag-ca.png ca Wikimedia Canada Finishing up by-laws en
fr (draft)
Wikimedia Canada Wikimedia-CA Wikimedia-CA, #wikimedia-ca, or Arctic.gnome 2009-01-27
Icons-flag-dk.png dk Wikimedia Danmark Board elected, final translation of bylaws in progress. da, en Wikimedia Danmark mail:WikimediaDK Palnatoke, #wikimedia-danmark 2009-03-14
Icons-flag-in.png in Wikimedia India Bylaws in discussion en http://wikimedia.in
WikimediaIN-l Nearly Headless Nick, Nichalp or HPN 2007-11
Icons-flag-mo.png mo Wikimedia Macau Appling to the Macau Government
Wikimedia Macau is going to be formally established in law on April 9, 2009
zh:Draft Talk:Wikimedia Macau/籌備委員會 2009-3-26
Icons-flag-ph.png ph Wikimedia Philippines New articles approved; bylaws under discussion en, tl (Articles)
en (Bylaws)
Wikimedia Philippines Philwiki Sky Harbor 2008-07-21
Icons-flag-pt.png pt Wikimedia Portugal Bylaws ready, discussing how to constitute pt Wikimedia Portugal 2008-03-31
Icons-flag-us.png us-pa Wikimedia Pennsylvania In discussion, Drafting Bylaws En pa.us.wikimedia.org Wikimediapa-l Cbrown1023 talk, SB_Johnny, Whiteknight, or #wikimedia-pa 2007-06
Icons-flag-us.png us-dc Wikimedia DC In discussion, drafting bylaws In drafting Wikimedia DC, temporary site on en.wp here None yet User:Swatjester 2008-05

Chapters in discussion phase

You should add here any chapter that is under discussion to be started up. Please provide link to a page (in meta) with more detailed information (at best with a short summary in English) and provide a contact for questions about the present state.

country code Chapter Status Articles of Incorporation/
Website Mailing list Contact Last update
Icons-flag-be.png be Wikimedia Belgium In discussion Draft in redaction Wikimedia Belgium
(on meta)
mail:WikimediaBE-l User:Dereckson 2008-05-09
Icons-flag-bd.png bd Wikimedia Bangladesh In discussion Meta Wikimedia-BD Belayet or Talk:Wikimedia Bangladesh or mail list Wikimedia-BD (or #wikimedia-bn on freenode) 2008-01-04
Icons-flag-ca.png Flag of Quebec.svg ca-qc Wikimédia Québec Étape de discussions / In discussion Étape de recherche / Research stage Wikimédia Québec (on meta) Discussion Wikimédia Québec 2009-02-08
Icons-flag-co.png co Wikimedia Colombia In discussion Spanish/English (untranslated) Wikimedia Colombia
penging domain: wikimedia.org.co
Carlos Thompson or #wikimedia-co 2007-11-21
Icons-flag-dz.png dz Wikimedia Algeria In discussion to come Meta 2007-07
Icons-flag-hr.png hr Wikimedija Hrvatske Translation of bylaws hr Wikimedija Hrvatske Either SpeedyGonsales or Roberta F. 2007-12-18
Icons-flag-eg.png eg Wikimedia Egypt Writing bylaws Proposed by-laws Wikimedia Egypt mail:wikimediaeg-l Mido or/and #wikimedia-eg 2009-03
Icons-flag-es.png es Wikimedia España (Wikimedia Spain) In discussion bylaws es/en Meta Wikimedia-es Talk:Wikimedia España 2008-05
Icons-flag-is.png is Wikimedia Ísland (Wikimedia Iceland) Writing bylaws is Talk:Wikimedia Ísland 2008-03-07
Icons-flag-ir.png ir Wikimedia iran In discussion Meta 2008-07-07
Icons-flag-kr.png kr Wikimedia South Korea Early development Meta, Korean Wikipedia 2009-01-14
Icons-flag-lt.png lt Wikimedia Lietuva Writing bylaws none yet User:zaliavos 2 September 2007
Icons-flag-my.png my Wikimedia Malaysia Early development Research stage Wikimedia Malaysia (on meta) Talk:Wikimedia Malaysia 2009-01-12
Icons-flag-ro.png ro Wikimedia România Early stages (planning) ro, en (drafts) wikimedia.ro (currently a portal) WikimediaRO-l IulianU or Razool 2005-09-26
Icons-flag-sa.png sa Wikimedia Saudi Arabia Early development Wikimedia Saudi Arabia Alrwaikm 2008-12-26
Icons-flag-ua.png ua Wikimedia Ukraine Bylaws translation Bylaw draft (in Ukrainian) Wikimedia Ukraine (on meta) uk:Обговорення_Вікіпедії:Вікімедіа_Україна 2009-03-15
Icons-flag-ve.png ve Wikimedia Venezuela Discussing bylaws Bylaw draft (In es) http://www.wikimedia.org.ve Wikimediave-l Wikimedia Venezuela discussion page or damian@wikimedia.org.ve 2006-11-23

Ideas for chapters

See the Local chapter FAQ to understand what a local chapter is, and what it entails to create a new one. If you wish to create a local chapter, follow the step-by-step chapter creation guide. In case you have any questions, contact the chapters committee.

In Europe

In North America

In Asia

  • Wikimedia Japan – 設立の是非について投票中です。 The page reads "There are currently no active arguments to establish a local Japanese chapter, mainly because very few Japanese language community members are interested in it. Lack of legal knowledge and accounting skills amongst the community is also a large contributing factor."
  • Wikimedia Mainland China – 准备讨论
  • Wikimedia Türkiye
  • Wikimedia South Korea - South Koreans started gathering people who are interested in building a local chapter. They are discussing this issue at this page in Korean Wikipedia.

In Africa

In Oceania

  • Wikimedia New Zealand is currently in the early planning stage. Anyone that is interested should contact Jasper Bryant-Greene at jasper(AT)album(DOT)co(DOT)nz or on 021 708 334.

In South America

Composition of chapters

See also Wikimedia chapters/Summaries

This may be partially outdated; in no particular order:

Wikimedia Deutschland (Germany)

(elected on March 21. 2009 - until 2010)

Wikimédia France

(new board since March 14, 2009)

Wikimedia Italia (Italy)

Wikimedia Nederland (Netherlands)

  • Lodewijk Gelauff (international)
  • Hay Kranen (secretary)
  • Piter Siebenga
  • José Spierts (chair)
  • Marco Swart
  • Mark Wesbeek (treasurer)

Wikimedia Poland

Wikimedia CH (Switzerland)

Wikimedia UK (United Kingdom)

Wikimedia Taiwan

Wikimedia Hong Kong

Provisional Directory

  • Yu Jeromy CHAN, Deputy President
  • Wing Fung SIU, Secretary
  • Chi Wai Terence YUEN, Treasurer
  • Yu Hin LAI, Director
  • Chi Fung CHEUNG, Director

Wikimédia Magyarország (Hungary)

Wikimedia Indonesia

Board of Trustees
Board of Executives

Wikimedia Israel

  • Shay Yakir, Chairperson of the board
  • Dror Kamir, Board member, responsible for the contacts with WMF
  • Amit Avidan, Board Member and treasurer
  • Rotem Danzig, Board member, responsible for project coordinating
  • Idan Dorfman, Board member and press coordinator (replacing Itzik Edri until further notice)
  • Deror Lin, Secretary
  • Uzi Vishne, Auditing committee member
  • Harel Cain, Auditing committee member, responsible for the contacts with the local Wikipedian community
  • Itzik Edri, Press coordinator
  • David Shay, Ombudsman

Wikimedia Argentina

Wikimedia Sverige (Sweden)

Wikimedia Česká republika (Czech Republic)

Board elected on 31 May 2008 until 2010:

Audit commission:

Wikimedia Australia

Committee (elected January 11, 2009):

Wikimedia Österreich (Austria)

Wikimedia Brasil (Brazil)

Decentralized movement of autonomous volunteers

Wikimedia New York City

See also