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A guide to the Khmer Wikipedia

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This is a guide to the Khmer Wikipedia (វិគីភីឌាភាសាខ្មែរ) for non-native speakers of Khmer language. Most of contents can be applied to other Khmer projects expectantly.

Where to ask questions and help


There are currently two places for someone to ask a question, help, or make an announcement.

  1. km:វិគីភីឌា:ChatKhmer for Non-Khmer Speakers.
  2. km:Talk:ទំព័រដើម

The project is new, there are still few Native Khmer users and many other tools to be developed. You can contact administrators of User pages (see below their list.)

Who to talk to (តើទៅពិភាក្សា​ជាមួយនណាបាន)


Cambodians who registered to the Khmer Wikipedia as users can understand English most of them, as the Khmer font software is also in development. Therefore, Cambodians who access to the Internet must deal with English and the situation will be changed as soon as KhmerOS font will be more popular in the country. The categories of language skill are very important to find many groups of users by language.



Khmer Wikipedia is still a short period project, but it is a door for the development of a country where people are mostly farmers. Some programs in schools have been made to involve the use of computers and the Internet with Cambodians. It is very important for the Khmer Wikipedia to make Khmer language easy to handle by Cambodians. Foreigners living and working in the country, and Westerns being sensitive to Asian cultures or other Asian Wikipedians with more advance in technology, are welcome to help in the improvement of the Khmer Wikipedia. In anyway, it means a hand to the future of the country providing information in their own languages.

Browser issues




The Khmer font software is still in development for the Internet. Times of wars and violence affected the country in the development of technologies and this is one of the delays. The actual software is KhmerOs developed especially by Khmer Software Initiatives. The program is supported by the government, NGOs and schools and its distribution is free in order to facilitate to Cambodians accessing to the Internet without needing to change their own languages. You have to prepare your computer by downloading fonts from their sites, however, it is better to get the software directly since the Internet download brings many technical failures. A group of Khmer students of social communication in Cambodia are also using some graphics(pictures) to make it visible by computers without the software, for example in the Main Page.

Errors in downloading of the software produced the following problems, for example, words can be seen with a lot of mistakes. The correct download in stead produces the right effect. You have to understand that the software is in development.

Here you can find more information about downloading the KhmerOs fonts. Para instalar el software debe acceder a Khmer Software Initiative. Cuando tenga el software en su ordenador, vaya a Panel de Control / Configuración regional y de idiomas / Idiomas / Detalles / Servicio de texto e idiomas del dispositivo / Agregar / Catalán / Khmer Unicode Keyboard (NIDA 1.0)

Basic conventions



  • Pages with only interwiki links are not welcome at Khmer Wikipedia.
  • Pages with less than a definition of the subject may be candidates for a speedy deletion .

Page titles

  • In general, formal titles take precedence over less formal ones.
  • Except for some words written in Roman letters in Khmer, imported words written in Khmer are preferred to those in romaji.


  • Generally, redirects in a foreign script including the Latin alphabet and roma-ji are not welcome. They may be deleted.


  • Virtually the same as in other language projects, including the English Wikipedia. Not all Wikipedians follow it; again, like in other projects.

User page

  • In general, we do not edit other users' "user page".

Talk page

  • Logged-on users vs. anonymous users
  • Some Wikipedians recognize the IP addresses of excellent anonymous contributors.
  • Other Wikipedians regard "not logging on" as the sign of a lack of commitment or accountability.
  • Anonymous users are restricted in their right to deal with some community issues, including votes for deletion, votes for blocking and requests for administratorship.

Priority is given to users who can manage the Khmer language. Users who can not speak, read or write Khmer, but are experts in other technical subjects, are very welcome.

Wikipedia Terms


(This section for the Khmer Wikipedian terms).

Activity-specific tips


(This section for other Khmer technical tips).

Interwiki linking




Asking opinions

  • Feel free to leave your comments on talk pages of articles, user talk pages, or communication-oriented pages. Almost all the interfaces are localized into Khmer as below:
  • Talk = ការពិភាក្សា
  • User talk = ការពិភាក្សារបស់អ្នកប្រើប្រាស់

Translations ការបកប្រែ

  • Feel free to contact our ការបកប្រែ who will help you willingly. There are now a group of Khmer students of social communication being involved in the project. There is a category and a page for the users willing to help in translations អ្នកបកប្រែឯកសារ.
  • Another recommended way to clarify is to put your question on the talk page you are interested in. Khmer, and second English are most communicative on Khmer Wikipedia, but in Cambodia the following languages are also used widely (in order): Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, Tagalo and Italian.

Writing ការសរសេរ

  • Your contribution to the Khmer Wikipedia is always welcome. Many users will be willing to correct your Khmer. If you are afraid that your non-native Khmer might be seen as vandalism, put som mael (correction is requested) as a comment in the Summary or in the talk page of your contribution. See also Wikispelling for putting a comment in Khmer in Summary Box.


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  2. T-Rithy
  3. Thearith
  4. គីមស៊្រុន
  5. ពិសិដ្ឋ
  6. វ័ណថារិទ្ធ
  7. លឹម សុវណ្ណវិចិត្រ
  8. Albeiror24

Social Media


Khmer Wikipedia Team are utilizing social media to reach out to its potential users, esp. Cambodian people. We also use these tools to network with other contributors, promote awareness and interest among users as well as organize offline meetup for our Khmer Wikipedia Community.

  1. Khmer Wikipedia Fan Page on Facebook
  2. Khmer Wikipedia on Twitter
  3. Khmer Wikipedia on Youtube

You also can contact us via email to khmer.wikipedia@gmail.com.