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This page is a translated version of the page Abstract Wikipedia/Name and the translation is 30% complete.
This is part of the development plan for Abstract Wikipedia.
Continues from the summary plan for Abstract Wikipedia.

All names – Abstract Wikipedia and Wikilambda – are preliminary and meant mostly for writing this proposal and discussing it.

The current names are based on the following idea:

  • Abstract Wikipedia: the content in Abstract Wikipedia abstracted away from a concrete language.
  • Wikilambda: this is based on the notion that all functions can be grounded in lambda calculus. Also, looks kinda technophile (“geeky”), with the risk of being perceived as not meeting its intended public and being managed with a bias only by specialists, already advantaged by an access to the largest knowledge available in their own culture.

Note that the name "Abstract Wikipedia" will not, in fact, stick around. When the project is done, Abstract Wikipedia will be just a part of Wikidata. This is just a name for the development work, and therefore naming is not that crucial. Wikilambda on the other hand would be a new Wikimedia project, and thus the name will have rather high visibility. It would be good to come up with a good name for that.


Dotychczas pojawiły się trzy dobre powody przeciwko nazwie Wikilambda:

  • Jest trudne do przeliterowania dla wielu osób (według Effeietsanders).
  • Niektórzy czytają to w zły sposób jako Wikilambada (według Jean-Frédéric).
  • It also easily misreads as WikiIambda / Wikiiambda (that's, with yet another i / I instead of the l / L), so it should at least be WikiLambda with a capital L (suggested by Fuzheado).

Alternatives suggested

Zasugerowane alternatywne nazwy:

This is an archive. New names should be proposed in Wiki of functions naming contest.

Mile widziane są inne sugestie.

In fact, the first task P1.1 for the project will be to decide with the community together on a name and on a logo. This had precedence for previous projects (Logo of Wikidata, Name of Wikivoyage).

Continued in goals of Abstract Wikipedia.