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Pemungutan suara untuk nama proyek baru Wikimedia yang akan berisi katalog fungsi yang dikurasi kontributor telah berakhir! Terima kasih untuk semua peserta.
[Pembaruan] Kami sangat senang mengumumkan pada tanggal 22 Desember bahwa pilihan Komunitas untuk nama “Wikifunctions” (Wikifungsi) akan menjadi nama untuk wiki baru yang akan datang.

Ada suara dari 320 akun, peningkatan yang signifikan dari 193 pemilih di putaran pertama kami.

Menggunakan proses penghitungan suara yang dijelaskan dalam aturan, kandidat teratas yang dihasilkan dari pemungutan suara adalah Wikifunctions (Wikifungsi). Berikut adalah bagaimana hasil pemungutan suara itu:

After removing the ineligible votes, these were the top preferences of the voters:

  1. Wikifunctions: 84
  2. Wikilambda: 82
  3. Wikimedia Functions: 70
  4. Wikicode: 45
  5. Wikicodex: 16
  6. Wikifusion: 16

We eliminate the two options with the fewest votes, Wikifusion and Wikicodex, and count the top preferences after that elimination:

  1. Wikifunctions: 92
  2. Wikilambda: 89
  3. Wikimedia Functions: 79
  4. Wikicode: 53

That round eliminated Wikicode, resulting in this third round:

  1. Wikifunctions: 126
  2. Wikilambda: 97
  3. Wikimedia Functions: 90

Which lead to the elimination of Wikimedia Functions:

  1. Wikifunctions: 190
  2. Wikilambda: 123

Which finally led to Wikifunctions winning.

The fact that we had to eliminate all options but two shows how tight the vote was.

In order to honor the name Wikilambda, which as you can see also caught quite some attention, and which had a few fiery supporters, we have decided to name the software extension to MediaWiki that we are developing WikiLambda (note the CamelCase, which is normally present in our software tools in honour of our roots in UseMod).

The next step is now to have the Legal department do the in-depth vetting of the name. We aim to have that finalized by mid-December.

Interestingly, should Wikifunctions not be accepted, per the rules of the contest, the runner-up would not be Wikilambda but Wikimedia Functions:

If Wikifunctions is to be eliminated due to legal considerations, this is how the first round would looked like:

  1. Wikimedia Functions: 113
  2. Wikilambda: 94
  3. Wikicode: 63
  4. Wikifusion: 22
  5. Wikicodex: 21

With Wikicodex eliminated, the next round looks as this:

  1. Wikimedia Functions: 117
  2. Wikilambda: 99
  3. Wikicode: 75
  4. Wikifusion: 22

Which eliminates Wikifusion and leads to the following results:

  1. Wikimedia Functions: 125
  2. Wikilambda: 108
  3. Wikicode: 80

Finally, eliminating Wikicode, we see quite a strong lead:

  1. Wikimedia Functions: 176
  2. Wikilambda: 137

The winning proposal of that would be Wikimedia Functions, again with Wikilambda being the apparent follow-up.

We know already that Wikimedia Functions would pass the vetting process (due to the strong trademark that Wikimedia itself is), so we would be able to stop the process there. So the comments about Wikilambda above would stay.

Thanks again for everyone participating in the vote! We are looking forward to finalizing the result, and come back to you within a few weeks.

Once that is closed, we will be setting up the timeline and the process for the logo contest.
We already have community members being eager to start. Feel free to start creating proposals and discussing them! (That draft page is preliminary).
Over the next few weeks we plan to suggest rules for the logo contest, and also to publish some suggestions regarding the potential logo. We are also very excited about these parts coming together!

Terima kasih semua!