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Welcome, Josh! And we are hiring a Product Manager

This week we are very happy to welcome Josh Minor to the wider team as our Group Product Manager! As the team has grown, it is now the time to add a dedicated Product Manager to ensure the launch and growth of Wikifunctions. While we are hiring for this role, Josh will pitch in. His background in linguistics and his years of experience with the Foundation make him the perfect person for this role. But let’s have him introduce himself in his own words.


I'm a 6.5 year veteran of the Wikimedia Foundation, working on Product Management for the Wikipedia Apps, especially for iOS. I've also worked on many other strategic projects and initiatives, including advocating for making our content more structured across Wikimedia and easier for humans and machines to access and understand. And before I moved into the consumer app space, I got a BA in Linguistics and MA in Computational Linguistics, and worked for many years in natural language technology and information retrieval startups. So I've been following the Abstract Wikipedia concept with keen interest from Denny's first proposal. Now I am helping him and the team find a full time Senior Product Manager who will help ensure the successful launch of Wikifunctions and long term impact of Abstract Wikipedia. In the meantime I'll be pitching in where I can and collaborating on this amazing unique project. In my spare time I make art and software and software art, walk around San Francisco with my husband, and cuddle our cat.

I'm also a pretty nice boss. So if you know anyone who wants to play a key role in the future of Abstract Wikipedia and knowledge equity and has Product and relevant technical experience, please pass along our job posting.

As Josh said, we are hiring for the role of a full time Senior Product Manager for Wikifunctions. Please pass along this job posting to people who might be interested, and if you are interested yourself, please apply. You might also be interested in Josh's post about PMing in public, describing his experience with working for Wikimedia.

Please join me in welcoming Josh on the extended team!