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El Comité de Organizaciones envió esta solicitud de presupuesto a final de junio de 2012 y fue aprobado a final de agosto de 2012 por la Junta Directiva de la Fundación Wikimedia. El presupuesto ha sido manejado basado en el "proceso interno en gastos" aprobado en septiembre.

Petición de presupuesto

El Comité de Organizaciones (anteriormente el Comité de Capítulos) ha sido encomendado por la Junta Directiva[1] para desarrollar un plan de manejar efectivamente su horizonte amplio. De acuerdo con su solicitud, el comité envió la siguiente solicitud de presupuesto para la consideración de la Junta en su reunión de julio de 2012.

Esta solicitud de presupuesto ha sido discutido en la reunión en persona de marzo de 2012, y ha ido creciendo desde entonces y aprobado por una resolución. La solicitud intenta calcular el valor de varias solicitudes, lo que no necesitaría una inyección de nuevos fondos, simplemente una distribución apropiada y focalizada para los programas existentes, y extender las comodidades proveídas al comité a través del presupuesto de la junta.

  • Presupuesto de viajes: $ 15 000
  • Reunión anual presencial: $ 25 000
  • Becas de Wikimanía: $ 10 000[2]
  • Subvenciones de inicio: $ 10 000[3]
  • Tiempo del equipo: 75 horas
  • Total: $60 000


Presupuesto de viajes

El Comite ha encontrado beneficioso el relaiza visitas personales a los paises donde se encuentran capítulos en desarrollo. En el pasado, los viales se han aprobados basados en un análiis caso por caso en base al presupuesto de la Junta y las decisiones sobre los viajes han sido influenciadas por la consideración de visitar mayormente paises con un alto potencial de tener un capítulo (por ejemplo, paises donde hubiera almenos de 15 a 20 personas interesadas). La expanción de la red de afiliados, y en particular la dismnución en la normativa para establecer un grupo significará que la visita de un miembro del comite tenga más sentido en la mayoria de los casos

Committee could sumo a numerus peregrinatione diversas formas atque terminos serve multis. De mane progressionem terris sunt ad visitationes activities online, ubi se a visit ad explicare motus potest auxilium praebere Vicimediis rete in via ad auxilium vivificent et fere affiliation coetus atque vegetatur. Hæ conferentiæ regionales in quo sunt regiones ad visitationes locorum Socius terris non similis esset serve et terminos praeter primum contactum facilitate hoc inter ipsum et coetus commisi nascentia.Interdum a visit ad regionem ubi coetus active conatur ad auxilium consequi posse status affiliation per applicationem ad movere deinceps in in eo inventum permittens, et interactive actione retractationis, et beneficia in praeter moralis, et scientiam socius.

El monto solicitado es límite anual superior,el Comité tratará de minimizar los costos en donde sea posible.

Reunión anual

For the better functioning of the Committee an annual meeting where the possibility of reviewing processes is included in the budget. Based on timing and co-location (e.g. the Berlin Chapters Meeting or Wikimania) an added benefit of the meeting would be the ability to meet and have in-depth discussions with representatives of the applicant groups and the Board of Trustees (Movement Roles Group).

The cost estimate includes travel for all ten members of the Committee and possibly other logistics (meeting room cost). The actual costs will vary based on the location of the meeting, the number of Committee members who will have travel arranged through other funds and the possibility that the co-location partner provides the meeting room and logistics for free. The Committee will try to minimize costs, the amount in this request should ensure that the meeting can take place if some or all such attempts fail.

Becas de Wikimanía

Wikimania is the global meeting of the Wikimedia community. Awarding Wikimania scholarships is the mechanism through, which the representation of unrepresented or priority areas is ensured at the conference; however, past experience shows that often there is no scholarship recipient from countries where there is an emerging chapter or other affiliate. To correct this bias, the Committee would like to request that special consideration be made for countries with applying groups and to the leaders of this group.

We would like about 5 scholarships to be set aside for candidates/countries recommended by the Committee, by supplying the Committee with the requested budget for this purpose and allowing it to choose the applicants among those who did not qualify for the general WMF scholarship through the same process that scholarship-awarding chapters use. Estimate is based on about $200/person cost of registration and lodging, and the unknown costs of travel dependent on the location of the applicants.

The presence of the people who receive a Committee scholarship would be beneficial in two ways: 1) it would expose the scholarship recipient to the international community, giving them ideas and networking opportunities and 2) it would allow the Committee's representatives present to have discussions with the recipient (for example, to explain the process, or to facilitate resolution to open questions in the approval process). Given that these applicants would be coming from countries where a local affiliate is just being set up or in the stages of consideration, we expect that the recipients would continue to be members of the community for a long period and their participation to have beneficial aftereffects for a longer term.

Subvenciones de inicio de afilados

The Chapters Committee has been delegated the authority[4] to approve "chapter start-up budgets, within the amount allocated by the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation". Before that, the Chapter Coordinator was allowed to grant new chapters funding for certain start-up costs and these rights were transferred to the Committee. In the past years the Committee has not been informed of budget allocations for such purpose, and has therefore not used this facility to help new entities in their first steps. We would like to request the Board to provide such an allocation in the next fiscal year.

The Committee would like to use this facility to provide small unrestricted grants (or restricted grants for the purposes outlined in the linked delegations) to newly recognized chapter groups and possibly other affiliated organizations to assist with their start-up costs and allow them to focus on programmatic activities from the start. The aim is to provide basic seed funding for the costs of setting up the organisation.

We would like to utilize the WMF Grant system's existing infrastructure for this purpose to allow for transparency and to take advantage of the existing institutional background. However, we note that the existing criteria (e.g., a minimum of $500 requested) and the extensive review process might not be a perfect fit for new groups whose costs might be lower or who might be intimidated by the level of scrutiny for a grant that would cover administrative necessities only. We ask that the Grant programme be opened for grants approved by the Committee (to the extent of the budget line set aside for such grants) even if they fail to meet some of the criteria (for example the one on minimum amount), and that the staff and community members administering the grants programme cooperate with the Committee in ensuring that such grants are disbursed quickly and monitored through the existing systems.

Tiempo del equipo

Working with Affiliates is a part of the normal duties of several WMF employees; however, the work and existence of the Committee requires some staff time to be allocated specifically to the Committee for its effective functioning.

The Committee expects the need for the following allocations. We note that this is the first such request from the Committee, we have only estimated and not measured the required staff times even in cases where there is past precedent of staff assistance to the Committee. Times are on an annual basis.

  • Travel coordination time: 25 hours – 1 hour per travel request, about 10-15 requests annually to arrange travel logistics and handle reimbursements; an additional 10 hours for logistics of the annual Committee meeting
  • Wikimania scholarships: 5 hours of the time of the person handling scholarships
  • Affiliate start-up grants: 15 hours of time of the person handling the WMF Grants
  • Invited staff observers: 25 hours for observing the mailing list and providing advice[5]
  • Legal: 5 hours
  • Total: 75 hours work of about 4 different employees

The Committee will request advice or assistance from other staff members from time to time if they can further the work of the Committee by for example providing information based on travel they have done on behalf of their work, or educating local volunteers about affiliates on their official trips.


  1. 2012-03-31 Resolución del Comité de Organizaciones
  2. Basado en las discusiones de las solicitudes de presupuesto y su constitución, se entiende que el comité puede destinar becas a otros eventos.
  3. Las reglas de distribución de fondos del comité están dispuestas en su constitución
  4. 2006-4-4 Resolution of the Board of Trustees
  5. Currently there is one invited staff observer: The Head of Global South relations acts as an invited observer on the Committee's mailing list due to his extended exposure to Wikimedia communities and that his duties include handling grants, trademark and other requests of emerging Wikimedia communities. He has provided useful input to the Committee's work on information received during his normal duties, and well beyond.