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Affiliations Committee/Resolutions/Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group provisional approval - October 2015/ja

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  1. Recognizing Wikimedia User Groups is the responsibility of the Affiliations Committee;
  1. The application of Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group (or PhilWiki Community) has been reviewed by the Affiliations Committee, was discussed on their meta talk page, and via email with the application's contacts;
  1. Wikimedia User Groups sign the Wikimedia User Group Agreement and Code of Conduct when they apply for recognition;
  1. The Wikimedia User Groups' Code of Conduct states, "Your group's goals and activities should be consistent with the Wikimedia mission. You must not engage in activity that is inconsistent with the Wikimedia guiding principles or poses significant risk to other Wikimedia organizations or Wikimedia projects."
  1. Some of the behavior which has been observed from this group is in serious violation of this portion of the code of conduct. Specifically, false statements and unfounded allegations against Wikimedians and existing Wikimedia movement affiliates. This observation has been noted to the group;
  1. PhilWiki Community has since made an effort to address the violations and committed to following the Code of Conduct moving forward;
  1. While new Wikimedia User Groups are traditionally approved for one year, the Affiliations Committee reserves the right to modify the initial approval period; and
  1. It is the opinion of the Affiliations Committee that the group currently meets the requirements for Wikimedia User Group status. However, the Committee is concerned about the violations of the Code of Conduct identified, and therefore will provide recognition for three months, rather than one year, and re-evaluate the group's conduct at that time to verify they are following the Code of Conduct.
Therefore be it
resolved that the application of Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group is provisionally approved for three months, at which time the group's compliance with the Code of Conduct will be reassessed.



承認された決議  投票結果  賛成 8 票、 反対 0 票、 棄権 1 票、 不投票 3 票、 日付 17 October 2015