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Affiliations Committee/Resolutions/Requirements for Affiliations Committee Members – December 2016

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  1. The Affiliations Committee wishes to clearly define and communicate expectations for member engagement to both current members and potential future members;
  2. At present, the engagement and activity expectations for Affiliations Committee members are not clearly defined or communicated;
  3. Since June 2016, the Affiliations Committee has worked to identify and document a set of shared expectations, including both minimum requirements as well as norms for full engagement.
Therefore be it resolved that
The Affiliations Committee adopts the following shared expectations for committee member engagement in the duties of the Affiliations Committee:

Engagement Norms[edit]

Serving on the Affiliations Committee can include a variety of activities and engagements throughout the year. A fully-engaged committee member can expect to:

  • Participate in monthly calls and working meetings (2 hours per month)
  • Respond to emails and claim tasks identified through calls and weekly task reminders (3-5 hours per month)
  • Travel to participate in the annual AffCom meeting at the Wikimedia Conference (5-6 days for participation in full event)
  • Take a leadership role in at least one core AffCom project (3-4 hours per month)
  • Seek out and participate in skill development opportunities (as available)
  • Support and advise affiliates at community events in their area (as available)

Minimum Requirements[edit]

The mandatory minimum participation requirements for AffCom members are listed below. A member who repeatedly fails to meet these expectations will become ineligible to hold their seat on the committee.


Members of the Affiliations Committee are expected to consistently participate in the Committee's activities. In particular, a member is required to:

  1. Participate in at least two monthly committee calls each quarter. Participation is defined as either (a) being present during the call or (b) commenting on the minutes of the call no later than 7 days afterwards.
  2. Vote on every proposed resolution no later than 7 days after the resolution is announced in the weekly task list.

Members who fail to meet these requirements will be asked to resign from the committee, or may be removed from the committee by a two-thirds vote as described in the committee’s Rules of Procedure.

Leave of Absence[edit]

Member of the Affiliations Committee are permitted to takes leaves of absence from the committee as follows:

  1. A member wishing to take a leave of absence must submit a written request to the AffCom mailing list, indicating the starting and ending dates of the leave.
  2. Members on leave are not expected to meet the standard participation requirements; are not permitted to vote on resolutions; and are not included when determining committee quorum.
  3. A member may not spend more than 90 days per calendar year on leave. This maximum applies regardless of whether the member takes one leave or several. The committee may extend this limit for medical leave.
  4. A member on leave may return prior to the original ending date of the leave by submitting a written statement to the AffCom mailing list.


Resolution passed with 7 votes in favor, 0 against and 5 votes not cast, on 11 December 2016