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AWC Partners
AWC Partners

Africa Wiki Challenge runs from May 23rd to June 30th 2021. Join the Campaign!

Why is it important to participate in this campaign?

As at 2016, the Guardian published that just about 2.6% of the content on English Wikipedia was about Africa. Since then, there has been numerous concerted efforts to improve the statistic. As organizers, we acknowledge the work put in by editors and Wikipedians across the world. This campaign is aimed at contributing more content to improve the numbers. Keeping in mind that Africa is the Second (2nd) largest continent on the planet, we are convinced that Africa deserves to be substantially covered. This is a concerted effort to improve not only the statistics but the narrative about Africa and to help bridge the content gap that exists about the continent on the web. The Africa Wiki Challenge (AWC) is aimed at getting contributions on Africa from Africans in Africa and in the diaspora. Simply put, it seeks to generate African-related content on Wikipedia to project not only places in Africa but to highlight the unique stories and value the continent holds.

Who is Eligible?

  • Any African, person of African descent or individual interested in content about Africa can participate in the campaign
  • You must have a wikipedia account.

How to Participate

Here's how you can be a part of the competition.

Step 1: Register and help us know you are participating!

Step 2: Create your Wiki account if you have none!

Step 3: Get aboard the dashboard!

Step 4: Learn how to write on Wikipedia!


Outstanding contributors stand the chance of winning awards or souvenirs. You will also be part of the effort aimed at projecting Africa on the web. The prize pot for Africa Wiki Challenge 2021 includes:

  • Laptop for Overall Campaign Winner
  • 10-inch tablet for 1st Runner-Up
  • External Hard Drive for 2nd Runner-Up
  • Laptop for Destubathon Winner
  • Certificate of Participation for Top 20 participants
  • $50 Giftcard for Top Uploader (Video, Photo, Audio, ...)

NB: Content must be strictly related to the theme (Landmarks In Africa) in order to be selected for prizes.

Criteria for Selection/Point System

Point award system are as follows:

  • 5 points: Creating an article with a minimum of 4000 bytes (4000 characters)
  • 3 points: Creating an article with a minimum of 1500 bytes (1500 characters)
  • 3 points: Creating a new Wiki Data item
  • 2 points: Uploading and using the photo on a wikipedia article
  • 1 point: Using an existing photo from Wikimedia Commons

NB: Use the character counter tool to check the number of bytes or characters of content added to your article(s).

Article list suggestion

Are you struggling to find topics to write about? Visit our list of suggested articles to find an article of interest!

Join our Virtual Office Hours

Not sure how to contribute or what to do? Here's a list of dates where we'll be hosting office hours to answer all your questions. Contributing to Wikipedia is easier when you can learn with others. Here are a few events to get you started.

OFWA/AWC Virtual Office Hours
Date Event Time Link
Friday 21st May, 2021 Virtual Office Hour 5pm - 6pm UTC Google Meet
Friday 28th May, 2021 Virtual Office Hour 3pm - 4pm UTC Google Meet
Friday 4th June, 2021 Virtual Office Hour 3pm - 4pm UTC Google Meet
Friday 11th June, 2021 Virtual Office Hour 3pm - 4pm UTC Google Meet
Friday 18th June, 2021 Virtual Office Hour 3pm - 4pm UTC Google Meet
Friday 25th June, 2021 Virtual Office Hour 3pm - 4pm UTC Google Meet