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Afroyanga Cultural Enlightenment Initiative popularly known as African & Proud (AP) is a group of volunteer Wikimedia editors who are proud of Africa and are committed to promoting and projecting Africa, Africans, and her culture, festivals, cuisines, quotes, and various African-related information to the world's largest free encyclopedia and her sister projects.


  • To promote Africa and her wide range of culture, festivals, cuisines, and diversity on Wikipedia.
  • To encourage and showcase more photos about various African Festivals on Wikimedia Commons.
  • To show how proud we are of the African diversity and culture.
  • To promote Wikibooks Cookbook by adding more content on African Cuisines
  • To encourage the addition of photos about African Cuisines on Wikimedia Commons.
  • To encourage the addition of quotations from notable Africans on Wikiquote.
  • To promote African music, art, and craft on Wikipedia and her sister projects.
  • To promote and encourage the documentation of African Languages on Wikipedia.
  • To provide an avenue for collaboration amongst Africans towards achieving the set goals.


African & Proud (AP) refers to a group of volunteer Wikimedia editors proud of Africa & Africans and has now decided to promote most of the African-related content on Wikipedia and her sister project. Focus includes a variety of interests, such as African Festivals, African Cuisine, Quotes by notable Africans, African languages, African music, African religion, African arts & crafts, etc. This will be achieved through collaboration amongst various African countries to achieve the set goals, GLAMs: editing workshops, training, writing, upload contests, partnership with various organizations, and so on.

Some activity[edit]

  • Yes check.svg Done July - August 2021 WikiFestival Nigeria: The project aimed at bridging the festival gap that exists on Wikipedia with a focus on Nigerian-related festival content. The project saw over 236 articles relating to Nigeria Festivals created/improved.
  • Yes check.svg Done December 2021 - January 2022 Nigeria Transportation and Recreation Expedition: The project aimed at creating and improving the content on Nigeria's Transportation and Recreational centers on Wikivoyage and English Wikipedia while promoting travel information and tourism in Nigeria. The project saw over 4.820K articles relating to Nigeria's Transportation and Recreational centers created/improved.
  • Yes check.svg Done March 2022 Promotion of Wikimedia Projects to Edo State NYSC Corp members: Promoting Wikimedia Projects to NYSC Corp members in Edo State, Nigeria with the aim of equipping them with knowledge about Wikipedia and Wikivoyage and how they can use the platforms and become a part of it.
  • Yes check.svg Done May 2022 - July 2022 Nigerian Cuisine: The project aims at bridging the content gap on Nigerian Cuisine on Wikipedia and cookbooks on Wikibooks, with special emphasis on training on how to edit the Cookbook, and at the time, the cookbook had little or no content, this project bridged that gap.
  • Yes check.svg Done July 2022 - September 2022 Art+Feminism 2022 Campaign: The project joined the Art+Feminism 2022 campaign by creating/improving articles about Nigerian women on Wikipedia.
  • Yes check.svg Done September - October 2022 WikiClassroom Campaign: WikiClassroom is a promotional movement where both students and teachers are sufficiently informed and enlightened on Wikipedia and its sister's project and its potential as a reliable learning resource.

Core team[edit]


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