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Algerian Wikimedians User Group/About

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Users Group About



  • Mostaganem, Algeria



Promote and raise awareness in Algeria of the many different projects of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Roles the UG would play

  • Promotion: Promotion of Wikimedia projects and Free content in general. To encourage the use of Wikimedia resources in education (at cultural centres, associations and Universities)
  • Recruitment: To recruit contributors at Wikimedia projects. This may involve some presentations and workshops on the use of Mediawiki interface.
  • Social: Organization of meetings, excursions to discover collaborative work and volunteering for everyone to enjoy the open knowledge
  • Research: With a local User Group, research should be easier. The User Group can work together to gather information on a range of topics not currently covered to enlarge and enrich the Algerian content.

Wikimedia projects

  • Algerian WikiProjects in Wikipedia's different languages, such as (AR, FR & EN)
  • Images : Organize Events to collect Creative Commons Contents of Algeria and Upload it at Commons.Wikimedia
  • Wikivoyage : Develop the Algerian content.
  • Wikisource : add Algerian sources.
  • Incubator : develop new local wikis (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc.)

Project discussions


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Important dates

  • August 5, 2014 Awareness of the necessity to establish a User Group instead of a chapter
  • September 26, 2014 The group is created and the discussions begin



Social Media Outreach




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