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All-Affiliates Brand Meeting

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All Wikimedia affiliates are invited to join an urgent meeting on the Brand Project in two sessions on Sunday June 21, 2020 (Saturday evening for North/South America), regarding the most recent developments. This has been proposed and discussed on the "Wiki User Groups Affiliates" Telegram channel.



To be discussed include:

  • The Branding presentation and survey (for affiliates and individuals) that was launched June 16 and all responses are due by June 30
  • A new Wikimedia Foundation executive statement (published June 18) with a new clarification – "We should have been clearer: a rebrand will happen. This has already been decided by the Board."
  • Any issues of common concern the group would like to discuss, or courses of action

The two times are:

  • 03:00 UTC – 2020-06-21 (Asia-Pacific friendly time)
  • 19:00 UTC – 2020-06-21 (Europe-Africa-Americas friendly time)

03:00 UTC participants


Anyone with an affiliation is welcome to join, even if they are not officially a liaison or representative

Saturday night for North and South America; Sunday morning/afternoon for Asia/ESEAP

  1. WikiConference North AmericaUser:Fuzheado
  2. Wikimedia AustraliaUser:Canley
  3. Wikimedia FoundationUser:ZMcCune (WMF)
  4. Wikimedia FoundationUser:Selsharbaty (WMF)
  5. Wikimedia New Englanduser:Phoebe
  6. Wikimedia New EnglandUser:Emufarmers
  7. Wikimedia IndonesiaUser:Biyanto Rebin (WMID) and in his volunteer capacity.
  8. WikiDonne UserGroupUser:Camelia.boban
  9. hindi wikimedians user groupsअनिरुद्ध कुमार (talk) 03:03, 21 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  10. Karavali Wikimedians User groupUser:Pavanaja
  11. Wiki Movimento BrasilUser:Joalpe, User:Chicocvenancio, User:Ixocactus
  12. Wikimedia District of ColumbiaUser:Rosiestep
  13. Gender Diversity Visibility Community User GroupUser:Megalibrarygirl

19:00 UTC participants


Anyone with an affiliation is welcome to join, even if they are not officially a liaison or representative

Sunday evening for Europe/Africa; Sunday afternoon for North and South America

  1. Wikimedia New York CityUser:Megs
  2. WikiConference North AmericaUser:Fuzheado
  3. WikiClassicsUser:Alexmar983
  4. Wiki Movimento BrasilUser:Joalpe, User:Chicocvenancio
  5. User:DarwIn from, but not necessarily representing, Wikimedia Portugal
  6. User:RachelWex from, but not necessarily representing, Wikimedia LGBT+
  7. Wikimedia PolskaUser:Aegis Maelstrom, User:Tar Lócesilion
  8. Black Lunch TableUser:Heathart
  9. User:Sannita from, but not representing, Wikimedia Italia
  10. West Bengal Wikimedians User GroupUser:Bodhisattwa
  11. Wikimedians of Minnesota User GroupUser:Jonathunder
  12. Wikimedia Canada and Art+Feminism User GroupUser:13ab37
  13. Wikimedians for Sustainable DevelopmentAinali + Rajeeb
  14. CIS-A2K (and volunteer capacity) – User:Tito (CIS-A2K) (User:Titodutta)
  15. Art and FeminismUser:Kiraface
  16. Wikimedia MedicineUser:RexxS
  17. WikiDonne User GroupUser:Camelia.boban
  18. Wikimedia MA User GroupUser:Nassima Chahboun
  19. Wikimedia Community User Group GreeceUser:Magioladitis, User:geraki & User:MARKELLOS
  20. North-West Russia Wiki-Historians User GroupUser:Красный
  21. Wikimedia South Africa - Discott (talk)
  22. Wikimedia and Libraries User Groupuser:Merrilee (tentative, travelling)
  23. Cascadia WikimediansUser:Peaceray
  24. Wikimedia Community User Group TurkeyUser:Basak
  25. Wikimedia IsraelUser:RevitalP-WMIL, User: Gitit- WMIL
  26. Wikimedia District of ColumbiaUser:Rosiestep
  27. Wikimedia VenezuelaUser:Oscar .
  28. Wikimedia FoundationUser:EZar (WMF)
  29. Wikimedia UG GeorgiaMehman
  30. Esperanto kaj Libera ScioZiko
  31. Wikimedia NetherlandsJan-Bart
  32. Wikimedia New EnglandUser:Reify-tech
  33. Wikimedia User Group Hong KongUser:WhisperToMe and in his volunteer capacity
  34. Wikimedia User Group Hong KongUser:だ*ぜ
  35. Wikimedia and Libraries User GroupUser:Merrilee
  36. Wikimedia Tanzania -Jadnapac
  37. Wikimedia SverigeUser:Historiker
  38. Wikimedia NigeriaUser:Jamie Tubers
  39. Wikimedia NorgeUser:Jon Harald Søby (WMNO)
  40. Gender Diversity Visibility Community User Group- ☕ Antiqueight chatter 19:02, 21 June 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  41. Wikimedia RUUser:Drbug
  42. Wikimedia Community User Group TurkeyUser:Elmacenderesi
  43. Wikimedia BelgiumGeert Van Pamel, chair

Volunteer organizers


Who can attend


To be inclusive as possible, all Wikimedia community members are welcome to join.

However since the meeting is oriented towards affiliates and their voice in the process, affiliate liaisons and leadership will be given priority to attend, raise issues and speak to the group. Individuals who are not part of affiliates or are addressing concerns outside the scope of affiliates are welcome to join, though the moderators reserve the right to prioritize topics and voices related to affiliates. Wikimedia Foundation staff are welcome to attend, but the moderators will prioritize community voices and concerns and will direct the conversation towards those goals.

Further reading


As shared by another volunteer in a mailing list: