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Ambassador elections/Newly elected ambassadors

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A Wikipedia Ambassador is a position that enables the consensus of the community to be delivered to stakeholders in a timely manner. This includes meeting with other ambassadors from other Wikipedias and participating in discussions with the Wikimedia foundation.

There are no elected ambassadors at this time



(when should nominations go here? shouldn't they be on their local projects? do they need to be in both places? who are they nominated by? are there any specific criteria?)

If ambassadors are elected by voting or concensus, nomination would be better to be done on their locol project in my opinion. The Board would hold the right of veto or right of approval for nominated ambassadors. The election should be taken at least one week.
The Board could appoint them without voting, but perhaps it would be not feasible the Board would nominate all ambassadors; I prefer the communities choose their own ambassadors. If they decide not to have a vote and allow every self-nominated users to be, I think it would be good.
Expected criteria or qualifications in my opinion are, ambassadors ...
  • could communicate in English (because it is the lingua franca on Wikimedia project).
  • should be reachable by mail.
  • would subscribe foundation-l and/or active on meta.
  • should be active on their local project (i.g. at least 50 edits within 6 months).
  • For convinience, they are encouraged to have their accounts on meta and their own user page.

Aphaia | Translate Election | ++ 07:29, 28 Mar 2005 (UTC)