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Amical Wikimedia/December 2013

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Art Museum of Cerdanyola
GLAMwiki workshop for librarians from Barcelona

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]


  • December 5th — Kick off of the 3rd edition of Wikiproject with the School of Archivists of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Wikipedia workshop and homeworks schedule. Kippelboy
  • December 18h — Meeting with Tourism of Barcelona board and the University of Tourism Studies (UPF) for planning a 2014 Eduwiki project. Kippelboy
People from School of Art of Tarragona, Nacional Arqueological Museum and Dvdgmz talking off-topic after a WikiArS meeting.
  • WikiArS:
    • December 3th — Meeting with Yolando Oreiro (Pau Gargallo illustration student) and David Amblàs (geologist from University of Barcelona) to start advising for Submarine Canyons assignment Dvdgmz.
    • December 10th — Meeting at Nacional Arqueological Museum of Tarragona with Museum director and curators, teacher from School of Art and four students that are in intership with Amical. Review of the first drawings. See the assignments here. Lluis_tgn and Dvdgmz
    • December 10th — Image set about the Naica mine for children by Carolina Gutierrez (Llotja student) becomes Featured Picture Set.
    • December 16th — Presentation of the IEG Consolidate wikiArS to involve art schools final report; publication of wikiArS case studies. Dvdgmz.
    • During the month: monitoring students working on assignments; contacts with potential advisers and teachers, incorporation of new students from Pau Gargallo School of Art. Dvdgmz, Luna92, Lluis_tgn.


  • December 29th — Obra Cultural Balear gives its Francesc de Borja Moll Prize to Catalan Wikipedia; the prize is picked up by Arnau Duran, president of Amical Wikimedia, during the celebration in Teatre Principal of Palma de Mallorca.
  • December 29th — on the same day, a small wikimeeting of Catalan Wikimedia users who live in the Balearic Islands is celebrated (attendance: 6).


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