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Amical Wikimedia/Financial Reports/2013

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Summary settlement accounts[edit]

Accounts Amical Viquipèdia - 2013 -
Balance a 01/01/2013 31.528,63 €
Revenues 2013 36.283,92 €
Income pending (outstanding invoices 2013) 9.575,00 €
Total revenue 45.858,92 € 45.858,92 €
Expenses 2013 62.116,60 €
Expenses pending payment 2013 8.883,32 €
Total expenses 70.999,92 € 70.999,92 €
Surplus exercise 2013 6.387,63 €

Revenues exercise 2013[edit]

Revenues exercise 2013 by item
Activitties 1.246,00 €
Bonificacions Catcaixa 465,03 €
Donations 180,00 €
GLAM 26.353,39 €
Membership fees 2013 2.499,50 €
Loans 5.400,00 €
Travels 140,00 €
Total revenues 2013 36.283,92 €

Expenses exercise 2013[edit]

Expenses exercise 2013 by item
Activities 580,61 €
Fees Catalunya Banc 654,86 €
Fees Paypal 12,32 €
Various 374,92 €
Domains 208,05 €
Administrator 917,33 €
GLAM 50.287,24 €
Taxes 11,22 €
Travels 2.406,58 €
Viquifabricació project 743,45 €
WMF - Settlement accounts Glam&outreach I 5.920,02 €
Total expenses 2013 62.116,60 €

2013 economic and financial report[edit]

2013, forever, will be marked as the date of our recognition by the WMF, as a THORG, but this is not now the time to gloss this important fact. Although I have to point out that the WMF recognition has allowed us to apply the first Grant for 2014, as a Thematic Organization. No events ahead, this year has been characterized, under the economic and financial point of view, the subject of this report, as the year when we first settled satisfactorily the Grant requested by Amical Wikimedia, and we have able to obtain a second one, thanks to which we could continue to develop our projects, focusing, as everyone knows, to the GLAM project.

The full grant report can be seen here [1][2], which have been accepted. Also stands out the significant efforts to obtain funding from other sources, as you can see in the tables corresponding to Revenues exercise.

We tried to improve the reporting of our accounts considering a suggestion made by our internal auditors. We offered a summary of income and expenses that, for the first time, includes commitments pending for the next year. This is relevant for the following proposal about the destination of the surplus. In addition to expanding the summary of income and expenses by concept, now we show the list also by program. This way we can see exactly from whom we have obtained the income, and how the expenses have been spent, allowing us to check the correlation with the work that we have been doing during the year.

We must mention an event that happened in the last quarter of 2013, when we were notified that some important projects that have been committed by some of our partners were blocked due to cuts in their budgets. The consequence was a sudden shortage of cash, which brought a serious accounting problem to respond to our commitments, mainly the salary payment of our GLAM Director. This caused a new type of situation in our organization that forced us to search for alternative solutions. In one side we had to face urgent payments, but on the other side our income plan showed that we would recover within a few months. With this expectation, we relied on the generosity of the members of our community, who loaned us the cash we needed. As we are writing this report, we are happy to say that all the loans have been repaid.

With this lesson learned, we propose the creation of an operating reserves in order to guarantee the payment of fixed costs in our association during a reasonable period of time. Our proposal consists of using the 2013 surplus as the constitution of our reserves.

On the othe hand, with this liquidation we propose to eliminate two unpaid invoices corresponding to to two talks. After insisting on their payment repeatedly, we don't think we stand any chance of seeing them paid. The are the details:

  • Invoice 23/2012 sent to Fundació IL3 UB, 90,00 €
  • Invoice 35/2013, sent to Ibertur, 135,00 €

The total debt removed is 225,00 €.

As a last point, we want to inform that all membership fees have been paid.

In addition to these records, we will make available to our internal auditors the list of receipts with all the payments, as well as any additional documentation that they request. Next year an external audit will be required.