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Fages de Climent Edit-a-thon
  • January 1-15 - Closure of GLAM&Outreach II Grant. Kippelboy
  • January 11th — Fages de Climent Edit-a-thon, at Figueres Library. Davidpar
  • January 16th - Follow up meeting with the Wikipedians in residence at the Víctor Balaguer Museum. Kippelboy
  • January 21th - Visit to the the Pompeu Fabra University Library, to Introduce Wikipedia to Library members & staff.
  • January 22th - Meeting with Antoni Tàpies Foundation, for negotiating a Wikipedian in residence and an artist audit, like the one done with Joan Miró in fall 2013. Kippelboy
  • January 23rd - Conference in Vic: Museums and 3D, Round table on how 3D printing affects Open Knwoledge Podcast available. Kippelboy


Llotja students Sara Aznar and Alberto Aguilar Jara; teacher Luis Casado; and student Judith Donaire
  • January 9th — Kick of of the 4th edition of Viquiprojecte:Museus with museology students of the Pompeu Fabra University. Wikipedia workshop and homeworks schedule. Kippelboy
  • January 15th — Presentation of the new edition of Gracmon Wikiproject with students of Art History of the University of Barcelona. Kippelboy
  • January 22th - Meeting with UOC University, for drafting a 2014 collaboration. Kippelboy
  • January 28th - Meeting with Folch i Torres foundation for planning an edit-a-thon on May 2014. Kippelboy
  • January 29th — GLAMwiki workshop for Librarians of the Osona County at the Manlleu Library. Kippelboy
  • January 30th — GLAMwiki presentation for Librarians of Filmoteca de Catalunya. Kippelboy
  • WikiArS:
    • January 17th — Meeting at Llotja with teacher Luís Casado and 3 students that will do illustrations of extinct mammals in internship with Amical Wikimedia. Dvdgmz
    • January 22th — Meeting at Llotja with teachers of Design Degree Mireia Cases, Judith Gabriel and Montse Noguera. Dvdgmz
    • January 28th — Meeting at Nacional Arqueological Museum of Tarragona with Museum curators and four students from School of Art that are in intership with Amical. See the assignments here. Lluis_tgn
    • During the month: 2 students from Pau Gargallo School of Art started working in illustrations of extinct mammals in internship with Amical. Students from Art del Treball and edRa working in graphics related with Ancient Egypt and illustrations of fungui. Contacts with potential new expert advisers.



  • January 15th — Meeting with the dotcat domain foundation, looking for Amical's offices. Kippelboy
  • January 15th-Feb 15th - Wikiproject Reading in Catalan, promoting the creation of articles of Writers who publish in Catalan language.
  • January 24th - Meeting with the Government of Catalonia for planning Wiki Loves Earth 2014. Kippelboy
  • January 30th - Participation in the round table about "Catalan, digital language" organized by Generalitat de Catalunya in Girona. Arnaugir



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