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Amical Wikimedia/July 2010

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Courses and lectures


This month, where courses are over, there have not been any courses but we are managing to prepare more activities for next month.

  • Meeting with the Department of Education of the Catalan Government and the UOC for the project Viquilletra, which begins in September. (User:Barcelona)
  • Meeting with the UOC (Catalonia Open University) in order to make them use Wikipedia on postgraduate studies. (User:Barcelona)
  • Meeting with the Department of Pedagogical Innovation of the Balearic Government. They confirm an economic support of 4.000€ for the 2010-2011 edition of Viquibalear and the spread of it through the department at the schools. (User:Paucabot)

Content release

  • The collaboration at the free knowledge and free content coordinator begins to be fruitful. Miquel Adroer has uploaded at Wikibooks the Ubuntu Guide. (User:Miquel Adroer).
  • The Department of Linguistic Standardization of the Balearic Government has set under consideration the possibility of releasing contents. Especially, the ones from web hudà. Further information: (User:Paucabot)


  • 20 July: meeting at the "Racó Català" in order to see how we can improve the outreach of the news on Wikipedia.
  • A letter has been sent to the media just to let them be aware of the British Museum awards. Some journalists have already published something about it: La tafanera, Racó Català. (User:Gomà)
  • At Wikimania, we participated at several interviews with the media. For instance, the Mediapro staff interviewed some members from the Catalan Delegation for a TV program they are preparing and that it will be available on many European TV channels.

Institutional relations

  • 15 July. Meeting at the Picasso Museum of Barcelona with several regional museums: Macba, CCCB, Archaeological, Sciences, MNAC. We are grateful to Liam Wyat for his incredible task in explaining his experience with the British Museum. He even translated most of the slides into Catalan (without our help). Further information: (User:kippelboy).
  • 27 July. Meeting with the Centre d'Estudis Comarcals del Baix Llobregat. We are considering the idea of running the project that we have worked at for so long with the support of Fundació Punt CAT (Dot CAT Foundation). The idea is to carry out a pioneering project which later can be applied to other study centres of the Catalan Countries. Further information: (User:KRLS)
  • 28 July: Meeting at the Department of Linguistic Standardization of the Balearic Government. They are going to buy our book on Wikipedia and deliver different copies of it at each library and at each school of the Balearic Isles. Further information: (User:Paucabot).


  • We encouraged more participation at Wikimania 2010. The Catalan group made an effort. At Wikimania, there has been the possibility of participating at the European Project and we have also met different entities interested in getting involved with the Comenius Project, among which we find a Polish school. More information soon.
  • Within the free knowledge and free content coordinator, we have set a joint agenda. We hope it will help to increase the synergies and the crossed collaborations between entities to promote free knowledge. (User:Gomà)
  • We are working on the organization of the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival in November, where we are going to participate with workshops about contents edition on Wikipedia and initiatives of education by using Wikipedia. This year's motto is "Learning, freedom and the web". (User:Esenabre, (User:Toniher), (User:Barcelona).