Amical Wikimedia/June 2010

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Courses and lectures[edit]

  • Saturday 5 June. "Let's make Wikipedia grow" workshop in Biblioteca Districte 2, Sant Cosme, 157, Terrassa (User:Gomà)
  • End of the pilot stage of the Viquilletra project, conducted jointly with the Department of Education and the UOC. The model article is "L'amor a Ausiàs March". (User:Barcelona).

Content release[edit]

  • Wednesday 30 June. Meeting with the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, with a cooperation agreement being signed. Said agreement will draw inspiration from the experience between the British Museum and Wikimedia UK. They will grant us access to the museum, content about its works, images, etc. We will also organise Wikipedia editing courses for the museum personnel. If you are interested, please contact User:Kippelboy, there will soon be many opportunities for activities.


  • The Catalan Association of Shire Press has supported our Wikimedia CAT application. Its members have contributed to spread aroung the news that we have reached 250,000 articles.
  • Our efforts focused on spreading the news that the Catalan Wikipedia has reached 250,000 articles. (User:Ssola)
    • This has been reported by a great deal of media from all over the Catalan Countries: TV3, IBdigital, Vilaweb, Racó català, Diariocritico, bitscatalans, Tinet, Segre, L'Informatiu,, La veu de Mallorca and many more.

Institutional relations[edit]

  • Tuesday 15 June at 11:30 am: meeting with the "La Caixa" Welfare Project, studying various possibilities for cooperation, including with the CosmoCaixa museums (Gomà).
  • Thursay 17 June at 9:00 am: cooperation meeting with the Institute of Catalan Studies. We asked for linguistic advice provided through regular reviews of a sample of articles. It seems providing this service may be difficult, they have to consider it, but there was a good level of understanding and the desire to cooperate. (Users:Barcelona and Pallares). We also opened contact with copyediting postgraduate studies.
  • Friday 25 June: "Wikipedia is the most" interview for the Terrassa library network (Gomà).


  • Sunday 27 June: meeting in Sabadell to promote cinema-related content (Pallares).
  • Tuesday 29: meeting of the Coordinator of Institutions for Free Knowledge and Software at the Citilab in Cornellà (Esenabre, Pallares, Toniher and Gomà).
  • Wednesday 30: dinner with Mark Surman, managing director of the Mozilla Foundation, to take part in the 2010 Drumbeat Festival, held from 3 to 5 November in Barcelona. We will organise a Wikipedia workshop and we are really interested in bringing proposals which may arise at Wikimania in Gdansk. (Toniher, Esenabre and Gomà).
  • Amical-bot is prepared to create articles on USA towns and cities. See Pinckard (Alabama) as an example.
  • Six travel grants have been awarded for Wikimania 2010.
  • Sales of the Viquipèdia book continue at a good pace, with a special mention for an order for 50 copies from the Department of Linguistic Standardisation of the Government of Catalonia.