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Amical Wikimedia/June 2012

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Wikipedia Workshop in Gandia
  • June 7-8. Wikipedia course at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Gandia. Kippelboy
  • Monitoring Project Viquifabricació
  • Monitor project WikiArS:
    • WikiArs starting collaboration of Escola d'Art Serra i Abella Art School from L'Hospitalet de Llobregat and starting the Scholarship by Bàrbara Domenech (Barbara D.) at Amical Viquipèdia.
    • Exhibition Llotja il·lustra la Viquipèdia at the Sala Sabater Pi exhibit room in Llotja Sant Andreu (Barcelona) up to 5-june-2012
    • June 7. Meeting with the Library Services of the Catalan Government for planing a tour exhibit of WikiArS around Catalan libraries. Dvdgmz
    • New volunteers join wikiArS project (Pallarès, Dvdgmz, Barcelona, Arnaugir, Mvro) and thematic assessors (Daniel Garcia-Castellanos, Àngels Canals, Alistair Ian Spearing Ortiz).
    • June 26. Meeting with 4 teachers of EDRA Art School. Dvdgmz i Jaume Ferrer.


Wikipedia Workshop in Palafrugell
Edit-a-thon Districte d'Horta
Wikipedia Workshop to Lleida librarians
  • Wikipedian in Residence at Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. Kippelboy
  • 1500 brochures of Welcome to Wikipedia are distributed among the Network of Public Catalan Libraries. Kippelboy
  • June 1. Meeting at Museu de Mataró for preparing a Viquimarató Mataró Edit-a-thon on September. Kippelboy
  • June 4. Wiki Loves Libraries: Workshop in Tarragona. Lluis_tgn
  • June 4-15. VP:JHU, Wikiproject in Collaboation with John Hopkins University from the US, with students doing a stage in Barcelona. Kippelboy
  • June 12. Wikipedia workshop for Scenic Arts Museum professionals. Kippelboy
  • June 13. Follow-up meeting at DHUB. Kippelboy
  • June 13. Follow-up meeting wit Jordi Llobet from Libraries of Catalonia. Servei de Biblioteques de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Catàleg SIS). Kippelboy
  • June 14. Preparing meeting with ICUB, Barcelona Towncouncil Cultural Department. Kippelboy
  • June 15. Presenting Wikiproject ICUB at the Virreina Palace in Barcelona. Kippelboy
  • June 16. Wikipedia Workshop in Palafrugell. Davidpar, Arnaugir & Kippelboy
  • June 16. Guide for a day at the Art Museum of Girona. Visiting collection from a Wikipedian point of view. Kippelboy
  • June 18. Meeting with Àlex Gutiérrez from Diari Ara (newspaper). Kippelboy
  • June 18. Edit-a-thon: Viquimarató Districte d'Horta, a neighbourhood in Barcelona. Kippelboy, KRLS, CarlesMartin
  • June 18. Edit-a-thon: Viquimarató Abdó Terrades in Figueres. Arnaugir, Davidpar, Pallares
  • June 20. Follow-up meeting Viquiprojecte GRACMON. Kippelboy
  • June 22. GLAM-WIKI lecture presentation for the museum professionals of MACBA. Kippelboy
  • June 23. Meeting at Oliva Library. Lilaroja
  • June 25. London University professors edit MNAC Museum related articles in Wikipedia. Kippelboy
  • June 27. Wiki Loves Libraries: Workshop in Lleida. Kippelboy
  • June 28. Wiki Loves Monuments preparing meetin. Kippelboy
  • June 29. Wiki Loves Libraries: Workshop in Tortosa. Kippelboy

Communication, Visibility[edit]


  • Meeting at Centre d'Estudis de l'Horta Nord. Pacopac