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Amical Wikimedia/March 2010

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Courses and Conferences[edit]

  • Friday 26 (Majorca), Monday 29 (Minorca), and Tuesday 30 (Eivissa), Viquibalear contest prize-giving took place. Pau Cabot & Gomà.
  • Wednesday 31 March. Meeting between the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Catalonia's Government Department of Education, and Amical Viquipèdia. Wikiletter's (Viquilletra) test experience is confirmed. Four schools will start using it in May, while the whole project will be carried on next course. User:Barcelona.

Relation with entities[edit]

  • Thursday 4th March. We had a meeting with the Castelldefels city council and the Center for Regional Studies (Centre d'Estudis Comarcals) of Baix Llobregat to start with the test Wikiproject:Castelldefels. This is part of the association's collaboration with the Center for Regional Studies of Baix Llobregat. Further information. KRLS
  • Wednesday 10th March. Meeting with the Visual Artists Association of Catalonia. They manage the Hangar space of Poble Nou, where one of the conferences of the Free Culture Forum of Barcelona took place. One of the purposes is to sign an agreement to have an editing workshop on Wikipedia on Hangar, having an experienced person in edition to give support for the ones who need it and, besides that, one of the aims is to have a Wikiproject in charge of enriching the Wikipedia contents on visual arts. KRLS & Gomà.
  • March 26. Meeting with the enterprise in charge of the Environment Information Point of the Balearic Islands' Government. The aim is to sign an agreement with them to let them use the vp:Portal:Ecologia. We would assist them with volunteers to have some edition courses on Wikipedia. They will use the Wikipedia's book as a starting point and some activities in this sense will be held for the purpose of promoting Wikipedia and encouraging more people to use it on Balearic Islands ecology-related articles. Gomà.
  • March 26. Meeting with the General Director of Innovation and Teachers' Formation of the Balearic Government. Their support for next year's edition of Viquibalear is confirmed. One of the questions that arouse during the meeting was helping to develop software tools to improve the system. They will enable us to involve the GD of linguistic policy and the regional tourism ministry to achieve further economic support. There is also the possibility of opening the project in other territories. Pau Cabot & Gomà.

Release of contents[edit]

  • Thoughout the conversations with the Visual Artists Association of Catalonia, we have agreed with the associated artists the possibility of releasing images/files of low resolution of their works so that they can be uploaded under CC SA license. The most suitable ones can be used for Wikipedia.
  • At the meeting with the GD of pedagogical innovation of the Balearic Government, we have proposed the regional tourism ministry to release images/files to illustrate those Balearic-related articles.
  • We have made contact with Vilapedia and they have agreed to upload their contents under a compatible license with Wikipedia. They will soon update the license on their website.


  • On March 12, User:Góngora was interviewed by a Canadian local newspaper on the present situation of minority languages on the Internet and Wikipedia. This interview is still pendent to be published. We will keep on informing you about this issue. Góngora.
  • The agreement with TV3 for the Espai Internet (Internet Space) program has started to work fully. At TV3 weekend news they have dealt with topics linking to the corresponding articles on Wikipedia, which had been improved before.
  • Ona Balear interviews User:Paucabot about Viquibalear. User:Paucabot.

Other issues[edit]

  • We have made contact with the Institute for Catalan Studies to see if they can analyze periodically the language quality in the articles of Wikipedia in Catalan. More information soon. User:Gomà.
  • We have proposed the MNAC to carry on with a Wikipedian resident-like initiative. We are still waiting for a response. More information soon. Gomà.