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Amical Wikimedia/May 2015

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May 2015
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Welcome to Amical Wikimedia monthly report of May 2015


One of the 2014 top world winner pics was shot in Catalonia

2nd edition of Wiki Loves Earth
Wiki Loves Earth is an annual international photo contest of the natural monuments, where participants picture protected areas and upload their photos to Wikimedia Commons. The goal of the project is, on one hand, to picture under a free license as many natural monuments and protected areas as possible, on the other hand, to contribute to nature protection by raising public awareness. These pictures are to be used to illustrate articles on Wikipedia and other Wikiprojects (Wikivoyage, Wikinews, Wikiquote etc.). Amical collaborates organizing the contest in Catalan speaking areas. This edition we raised >2.000 pics covering a lot of previously uncovered Natural spaces. We are happy to announce that our community has been one of the top 10 contributors globally, even if this is our 2n edition. During June the jury will decide which are the best pics and will announce the winners in a cerermony that will take place in July the 8th.

Edit-a-thon was organized to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Catalan School of Librarians

Library science edita-thon self organized by teachers & sector professionals
To commemorate the centenary of the creation of the Catalan School of Librarian, the University of Barcelona self-organized this editathon, among other activities. Its goal was to grow the number of Wikipedia articles related to information and library science on Catalan Wikipedia and also to outreach the wikipedia culture among University Students and teachers. Results here

Public Art sculpture in Gijón, Spain

Sharing our GLAMwiki experience at Major Spanish Librarians & Documentalists Conference
Fesabid 2015 took place in Gijon between 28 and 30 May, 2015. Fesabid is the XIV Spanish Conference on Documentation. It is a biannual event that has established itself as the most important forum in Spanish information & documentation professional sector. Both due to the high level of its audience and because the programme collects the most interesting developments of the profession. This edition of the conference has been organized based on the principle that our world is constantly changing, a world of information more democratic, more open. The Information Society has become the Open Information Society, and here, information professionals are challenged to move forward, to open and share our knowledge. For that reason the conference was based on the topic of Opening Culture and sharing knowledge... and this is Wikipedia and our GLAMwiki project with Catalan libraries gets in. Here you can read the Full programme in English. We where very happy to 2 two outreach events. One explaining our project with Catalan public libraries and second one doing the "closing keynote", advicing the attendees how a librarian should be from the point of a library user & free knowledge activits. You can watch the video -in Spanish- here. We where happy to share our experience with Spanish sector professionals and we hope this helps our friends of Wikimedia Spain to boost their GLAMwiki partnerships.

Ongoing programmes & projects


Here you have a list of all the ongoing programs/projects that Amical is promoting during 2015.







Here you have a list of all the educational projects Amical is actually promoting, sorted by University

Other educational centers







  • May 17 - International Museums Night Wikipedia Corner live editing at Biblioteca Museu Víctor Balaguer (more than 1.000 people visited museum that night)
  • May 11 - Wikipedia workshop for 15 Barcelona City of Justice Archivists. Kippelboy
  • May 13 - Wikipedia workshop for 10 Tarragona county archivists. Kippelboy
  • May 18 - Wikipedia course to 10 library users in Begues. Kippelboy
  • May 18 - Wikipedia & Commons session to Tarragona Public Library staff head. Lluis_tgn
  • May 27-30 - Wikipedia #glamwiki workshop & Closing keynote at Fesabid Conference in Gijón (Galícia). Kippelboy
  • May 8 - Biblioteca Museu Víctor Balaguer follow up meeting with Wikipedians in Residence - Kippelboy
  • May 11 - Catalan year of the libraries follow up meeting. Kippelboy
  • May 23 - Edit-a-thon at Biblioteca Vapor Badia (Sabadell) within the project Arqueopèdia. Vàngelis Villar Banyeres
  • May 25 - Follow up meeting with Music Museum in Barcelona to prepare International Music Day outreach event. Kippelboy


Scientific illustration of mammal Apomys gracilirostris, rodent that has only been seen in Mount Halcon, on the Philippine island of Mindoro
  • Follow-up of wikiArS internship students from Llotja, La Industrial, Pau Gargallo and Tarragona. Dvdgmz, Mercè Piqueras, Vàngelis_Villar, Lepticidium, Lluis_tgn
  • May 4: meeting at Llotja with students working on ancient Egypt strike. Dvdgmz
  • May 11: meeting at Llotja with students working on ancient Egypt strike to talk about Wikibooks editon. Dvdgmz&Xavier Dengra
  • May 11: meeting at Llotja with students Raquel Arellano and Anabel Martínez fo follow-up their work on biology images. Dvdgmz
  • May 19: meeting at Llotja with students working on ancient Egypt strike to talk about Wikibooks editon. Dvdgmz
  • May 21 - Follow-up of wikiArS internship students from La Industrial. Vàngelis Villar
  • May 29: meeting at Llotja with students working on ancient Egypt strike to talk about Wikibooks editon. Dvdgmz


  • May 30: Presentation of Amical Wikimedia as an organisation model to Basque wikipedians during Olatu Talka festival in Donostia, ESM
  • May 30: Amical general Assembly at Casa Golferichs.
  • May 19: Meeting with Catalan Food institute to draft a Wiki Loves Food Catalan edition. Kippelboy
  • May 19: Meeting with IDIBSA Science Research center in Barcelona to introduce Wikidata and Wikipedia to professionals and draft a collaboration. Kippelboy
  • May 29: TEDxGironaWomen - Presentation of Amical Wikimedia and Wikipedia. Laura.Girona


  • May 9: Workshop for Amical members on how to teach Wikipedia. Barcelona
  • May 15-17 Wikimedia Conference Berlin. Report Kippelboy Arnaugir Davidpar
  • Amical offers a scolarship for Wikimania 2015 in Mexico. The jury decision (May 20th) is to declare it void. Jury: Arnaugir (leader), Amadalvarez, MuRe, Jey
  • May 27: meeting with librarians of Biblioteca Carles Rahola (Girona) to set up the location of Viquitrobada 2015. It will be in Girona from 15 to 17 November 2015. Arnaugir

Media coverage


Global Metrics

Program Event/project/task #Active Editors #New editors # People involved Media Used #Articles improved #Bytes Other Comments
2 GLAM Wikilibrarians keynote at Major Spanish Librarians conference 220
2 GLAM Wikipedia corner during International Museums Night at Balaguer Museum 1000
2 GLAM Wikipedia workshop for Barcelona City of Justice Archivists 15
2 GLAM Wikipedia workshop for Tarragona county archivists 8 8 10
2 GLAM Wikipedia course to library users in Begues 6 6 10
2 GLAM Archaeology editathon in Sabadell 9 5 10 3 5
2 GLAM Santa Coloma Editathon 10 9 12 10
3 EDU Library science edita-thon 23 15 35 18 41 English Report
3 - EDU Wikipedia course to Fundació Pere Tarrés teachers and users 38
3 - EDU Wikipedia & Internet volunteers session at Institut de Sils 25 4th year in a row
3- EDU Wikipedia sessions for Literature students at Pompeu Fabra University 40 40 42 14
4 - COMM Presentation of Amical Wikimedia as an organisation model to Basque wikipedians during Olatu Talka festival in Donostia 15
4 COMM Wiki Loves Earth 2015 in Andorra & Catalan areas 44 21 60 244 244 usages of 2207 pics uploaded English Report
Total 140 104 1272 265 70

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