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Amical Wikimedia/May 2016

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May 2016
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Welcome to Amical Wikimedia monthly report of May 2016


Barcelona International Comic Convention Wikiproject[edit]

In occasion of the 34th edition of the Barcelona International Comic Convention (from the 5th to the 8th of may), Amical Wikimedia organized once again the Comic Wikiproject. As result, within one week 51 new articles related to the world of the comic were created and more than 60 pictures of the Convention were uploaded in Commons. The association Ficomic, organisator of the event, granted to Amical a press credential, which allowed us to attend all the acts at the convention and make a lot of pictures. Most of them are from cartoonists, authors and comic experts with an already existing article in Wikipedia but without a picture till the moment. For example: Antoni Guiral (ca), Josep Maria Blanco (ca), Jaume Rovira (ca), Javi de Castro (ca), Paolo Serpieri, Santiago Fernández (ca), etc. The participation in the project was similar to the previous years and with new users, which makes this wikiproject successuf and, for the moment, there is no reason to cancel it.

Just some pictures:

Ongoing programs[edit]

  • Escola d'Art i Disseny Tarragona (EADT) & Museu Nacional Arqueològic de Tarragona (MNAT) — WikiArS
WiR - Valencian Museum of Ethnology.
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Education & Knowledge[edit]

  • May 17 - Wikipedia workshop for Digital Culture students of Pompeu Fabra University - Kippelboy
  • May 19 - Wikipedia workshop for Digital Culture students of Pompeu Fabra University - Kippelboy
  • May 28 - Workshop at Girona Tecnològica in Vilablareix (http://www.gironatecnologica.com/). Arnaugir and Laura.Girona
  • May 11 - Follow-up meeting about WikiArS in Tarragona with students in intership at Amical Wikimedia from School of Art and Design in Tarragona and staff of National Archeological Museum of Tarragona. Lluis_tgn
  • May 11- Meeting with Torre Jussana for preparing a summer course on Wikipedia for non profits- Kippelboy
  • May 12- Meetings with Autonomous University of Barcelona Musicology teachers to follow up projects- Kippelboy
  • May 31 - Barcola meeting to analyze the commons of Barcelona and to evaluate a collaboration agreement with the City Council. Dvdgmz and Xavier Dengra

GLAMwiki & Core projects[edit]

  • In preparation
  • May 18 - meeting to address Gender strategy and collaborate with Wikimujeres barcelona, Tiputini
  • May 27 - Follow up meeting with Catalan terminology center TERMCAT- Kippelboy


  • May 3 -Meeting with Omnium Cultural to organize and edit-a-thon. Kippelboy
  • May 11- Meeting with CCCB for preparing Ramon Llull Editathon and Making Africa Wikiproject. Kippelboy
  • May 14- Meeting with Memorial Democràtic, for planing the possibility of a Wikipedian in Residence. Kippelboy


  • May 19 - Meeting with some Amical Members to decide how to collaborate with Institut d'Estudis Catalans- Kippelboy, Barcelona & Toniher
  • May 24 - Europa Nostra Heritage Awards in Madrid- Kippelboy (in collab with Wikimedia Spain)

Media coverage[edit]

Global Metrics[edit]

Note: These metrics only report events or projects which took place or ended during this month. Longer term projects like Educational or Wikipedian in Residence are reported on our semester report or the month where the project finishes.

Program Event/project/task #Active Editors #New editors # People involved Media Used #Articles improved #Bytes Other Comments
1 - COMMUNITY Barcelona International Comic Convention Wikiproject 11 0 20 70 51 Volunteer led
1 - COMMUNITY #Viquidones project 5 50 350 ND 200 Estimated data
1 - COMMUNITY Joan Oliver Pere Quart Writing Challenge 3 0 10 5 10
2 - EDU Wikipedia workshop for Digital Culture students of Pompeu Fabra University 1 40 50 30 50
2 - EDU Information Science editaton 2016 64 30 100 15 65 #bibliowikis
3 - CORE WiR - Valencian Museum of Ethnology. 1 2 ND ND ND Still ongoing project.
3 - CORE Wikipedia workshop for IT students 2 0 50
3 - CORE Castells Editathon 4 15 60 10 30
3 - CORE Barcelona Zoo Editathon 5 2 20 10 22
3 - CORE Òmnium Cultural Editathon 6 40 50 10 45
Total (estimated) 102 179 710 150 473

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