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Amical Wikimedia/September 2014

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Bibliowiki: Wiki library pride!
  • Organized Repte Monuments 2014, a writting challenge about monuments, parallel to Wiki Loves Monuments. Around 3 000 articles improved. (See #RepteMonuments on Twitter)
  • September 9th - Presentation of the Sitges Museums Research (+ info on research)
  • September 17th - Anual meeting of the Wikilibrarians, the network of public catalan librarians who are somehow active on Wikimedia projects. More of 100 libraries are doing GLAMwiki projects in Catalan Areas.
  • September 24th - 2on tupperwiki pedagogy edition group meeting at Premià de Mar Library. Dvdgmz
  • September 25th - II Wikipedia Workshop for cultural sector at Andorra's Government Public Library.
  • Sept 3rd - Meeting With Carme Fenoll, head of Catalan Public Libraries Network, to prepare our anual wikilibrarians meeting. Kippelboy
  • Sep 15th - Meeting with Ateneu Barcelonès Library director, drafting a new Wikipedian in Residence Project. Kippelboy + Amadalvarez
  • September 24th - Meeting with the director of the Alt Urgell County Archive to plan archive glamwiki projects for 2015. Kippelboy


Universitat Oberta de Catalunya is the first university in Europe with a Wikipedian in Residence and Second in the World
Poster about "Roman age recreations" for wikiArS exhibition
Workshop at Biblioteca Pública del Govern d'Andorra
  • Sep 1st - Kick of of the Heritage Literature Routes educational wikiproject with the University of Girona, where students will improve articles related to writers who have a literature route on Catalan areas. Kippelboy
  • September 3rd - Kick off of the Catalan Musicians Inventory project with the IFMUC research center of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Students will create articles related to all times Catalan classical music composers. Kippelboy
  • September 4th - Yearly Kick off of the 3rd edition of our Gracmon Wikiproject with the Gracmon Art research center of the University of Barcelona, where Students will create articles related to modernisme and Moder architecture. Kippelboy
  • September 19th - wikiArS exhibition installed at Tarragona School of Art hall.
  • September 26th - Wikipedia in education Conference by Kippelboy at University of Girona, adressed to teachers and librarians. Kippelboy
  • September 27 th - CCCB workshop to teachers focused on Internet. One lesson plan is devoted to Wikipedia barcelona
  • September 29 th - Kick off of the project with University of Barcelona related to linguistic correction barcelona
  • September 30 th - Introduction to Wikipedia and wiki philosophy presentation and start off of Wikiproject Arquitectura del PC at Barcelona School of Informatics (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). KRLS
  • wikiArS. Design of a new poster for wikiArS exhibition about roman age recreations. Dvdgmz
  • September 3rd - Kick off of the Barcelona Olympics Documentation Center from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona to talk about a probable content donation and education wikiproject. Kippelboy
  • September 8th - Meeting with the ICAC Educational Group (Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology, located in from Tarragona) for planning eduwiki activities further in 2015. Kippelboy
  • September 16th - Meeting with the vicedegà of Literature Faculty of University of Barcelona for planning a conference on our Viquiclàssics eduwiki project with University's teachers. It will take place on october 10th. Kippelboy Marionaaragay
  • September 17 th - Meeting with CCCB to arrange educational projects with secondary teachers barcelona
  • September 24th - Meeting with representatives from the Andorra's National University to present Wikimedia projects and plan eduwiki projects for 2015. Kippelboy
  • September 26th - 2nd meeting with teachers of the UPC in computer science, planning 2014-2015 course project. KRLS
  • September 29th - Meeting with representatives from the Vic University to present Wikimedia projects and plan eduwiki projects for 2015. Kippelboy
  • During the month. Contacts with schools of art Llotja, EADT, Art del Treball and Serra i Abella; preparing new academic year. Dvdgmz, Lluis_tgn


Report in Catalan about Sitges Museums presence on Wikipedia
  • Presentation of the Sitges Museums Research, a research done by Amical Wikimedia on how a Museum network is seen on Wikipedia. How many languages, how their artworks and artists are related between them and to general art concepts. Impact, backlincks....

September 22 : Projects and progam phone interview with a representative of Qualmetrics from the Wikimedia Foundation. Kippelboy


Editathon at La Palma de Cervelló 2014
  • September 6th - Wikimedia presentation at the International Esperanto meeting which took place at L'Arboç. Presented strategy and proposals on what can Esperanto community get and put on the Wikimedia movement. Kippelboy
  • September 18th - Kick of our Wikidones (Wikiwomen) project, done in collaboration with Catalan Womens Institute, Barcelona Towncouncil Women Departmner and CC La Bone Cultural center. Kippelboy
  • September 19th & 20th - Free Software day edit-a-thons at La Palma de Cervelló and Barcelona.
  • September 22nd - 28th - Swedish culture week in Catalan Wikipedia. Cultural exchange as Swedish Wikipedia publish articles on Catalan writers. More info in Catalana Davidpar
  • September 26th. Participation to Researchers Night at Universidad Complutense Madrid explaining Wikimedia community to visitors as part of P2PValue european project. See also Dvdgmz
  • September 4th - Meeting with Paralel40 CEO who wants to kick of a project like IMDB but for documentaries and ask Amical about which should be the Commmunity-based point of view. Kippelboy
  • September 5th - Round table with Language engineering team to discuss Content translation tool. Kippelboy, Xbosch, Jey (see post on Wikimedia blog)
  • September 8th - Meeting with TarracoWiki, a local Wiki from the city of Tarragona, looking if we can collaborate somehow. Kippelboy
  • September 22th - First meeting with Federació d'Entitats Excursionistes de Catalunya (Hiking association) to provide advising and organize training and possible thematic editaton in late 2014. Jey
  • September 22th - Meeting with Anna Domingo from Direcció General de Política Lingüística (Catalan language council) in order to prepare Digital Night of Catalan language (6 hours editathon) in Tarragona. Lluis_tgn
  • September 23th - First meeting with Federació d'Ateneus de Catalunya to provide advising and organize training in late 2014. Jey
  • September 29th - Meeting with Anna Domingo from Direcció General de Política Lingüística (Catalan language council), Xavier Rull professor of Catalan language in Rovira i Virgili's University and Aurora Rius from Tarragona's Port in order to prepare Digital Night of Catalan language (6 hours editathon) in Tarragona. Lluis_tgn
  • September 30th - Meeting with Director of the Catalan Institute of Catalan Cuisine, to introduce Wikimedia and talk about possible Wikiproject on 2015. Kippelboy



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