Association of Exclusionist Wikipedians

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Association of Exclusionist Wikipedians
Association of Exclusionist Wikipedians
FounderThe Rain Man
FoundedMay 9, 2006, at 01:44

We, the Association of Exclusionist Wikipedians, think Wikipedia should become a cut diamond. Broad knowledge should be offered - but defined by quality. Our goal is long term: it takes time to polish a diamond in the rough.

Exclusionism serves towards a good ambience among the community. We pick the best ideas from all other Wikipedian philosophies. The Association of Exclusionist Wikipedians should be joined by all Wikipedians around the world some day.

It's easy to criticize, to demand, to delete and to annoy, but it's hard to do research and create content. We acknowledge and appreciate things of value; we just cut away the crap around it.

We aspire to become sublime.


The Rain Man established this association on 9 May 2006, at 01:44, saying:

I, The Rain Man, hereby establish the Association of Exclusionist Wikipedians (AEW).



Current logo of AEW.

The diamond inside the logo represents the Wikipedia polished by exclusionists. It shows their desire: Wikipedia should become a cut diamond. The red arrows represents the removing of irrelevant or superfluous information. The blue envelop around the diamond represents preventing Wikipedia from irrelevant contents by protecting the policies. The green background shows the views of the philosophy.


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